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    This magazine is expertly designed to target an audience of extremely wealthy individuals across the globe who are constantly looking for ways to further improve their life through reliable services that meet the highest standards of luxury.

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    All of the experiences, benefits, and information we provide are a result of our reputable partnerships.

  • A Passionate Process

    Partnerships with Par Excellence don’t stop at sales. They reach beyond financial growth by initiating professional connections, improving brand recognition, and building a strong reputation as a reliable luxury company.

  • A Dedicated Purpose

    Par Excellence magazine and media is intended as a source for experiences and activities dedicated to the unique needs of luxury living.

  • Endless Benefits Designed With You In Mind

    Hidden sales and exclusive off-market investment opportunities await you in our newsletter.

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    Do you have a company or provide services that you believe to be a compelling match for the Par Excellence experience?

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    Partner with us, to showcase your services to clients we already work with, a high-profile individuals for whom we are organizing their next luxury travel experience.


Yachting Lifestyle Magazine

For our third issue of PAR EXCELLENCE magazine, we have the honor of displaying LÜRSSEN’s riveting AHPO yacht as the most expensive yacht they’ve produced as one of the world’s best superyacht shipyards. We are also very excited to bring the first exclusive piece with SEDNA on their industry-changing expeditions to places never before seen by people. Also covered is the anticipated reveal of IYC and Admiral’s new yacht, designed by Giorgio Armani. This edition is packed with fantastic content including our festive gift voucher for the luxury transportation service from XS Travel Management company, as well as the Gift Product from Fielding & Nicholson, A top West End tailors of London, Zürich and New York. There are also exclusive partner discounts available exclusively for the Par Excellence clientele such as a 35% discount on Eye Respect Sunglasses Made In Monaco. There is so much more to read in this issue, so stay up to date with today’s world of luxury and take a look at all the content!

DirectCustomer Reach and Digital Transition

Targeted distribution channels include key luxury venues, and global UHNWI connections, amplifying visibility for advertisers among individuals with the wealth and inclination for premium services.

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Our Peer Group

Learn more about our partners along with the luxury services and exclusive deals they can offer you.

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Classic yacht Corsario – A Vessel Designed for Royalty

If you are interested in promotion of your service or products in our next magazine issue and you believe to be a compelling match for Par Excellence experience, that you could benefit to other partners and associates, and that you could bring value to our clients, please reach out to us by filling form to become a part of Par Excellence community and receive benefit of multiple advertisement options.

Who Are We?

We are an award-winning media studio from Switzerland, in the business of creating unforgettable print and digital advertisements.

Advertising Opportunities:

Elevate your brand with premium print advertisements strategically placed within our magazine's pages.

Extend your reach through our our digital platforms, including website banners, youtube and social media promotions, and newsletters.

Use the opportunity of a FREE Double Page Ad in our Magazine if you opt for our Video Production Services.

Collaborate with us to create engaging sponsored content tailored to resonate with our affluent audience, and presented through our Luxury Travel Packages.

What We Do?

We help you to cover both aspects of marketing in one; by advertising in Print and Digital Media!

We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, to reach their potential clients directly, and to go online and increase their sales through our unique digital marketing ideas.

Video Production& Ads

We create world-class video product materials that communicate clearly. Focus and target your audience not only by print but through the video channels as well.

Media Display

Magazine content fits the exact desires of the target audience with our easily digestible content that offers exclusive adventures, displays our partner’s services to the fullest, and is designed for maximum reader interactions.

Established Readers

Par Excellence has an established base of readers from our target audience by expertly tailoring our content directly to extremely wealthy individuals who seek luxury travel options with the highest of standards.

Partnership Power

Our reputable partnerships are the key to success, birthing the best travel experiences for clients from our strong collaborative relationships. Our partners are hand-picked and quality assessed so we can represent the pinnacle of luxury travel and share our passion.

Stunning Promotion

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Targeted Audience:

Connecting luxury assets and properties with highly affluent and influential audience passionate about luxury lifestyle by the water and yachtsmen

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Brand Exposure:

Position your brand alongside premium content, enhancing visibility and credibility within the luxury market.

03 03

Global Reach:.

Benefit from our extensive distribution network spanning yacht shows, exclusive events, and industry connections worldwide.


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Practical Advice

Pantaenius provides insurance for many types of yachts, almost anywhere in the world!

Hire A World-Class Photographer For Your Corporate Travel Venture Or VIP Event

Corporate Transportation service for Yacht Brokers and Hospitality Professionals





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Flying Privately with Beechcraft by Textron Aviation

The VIVA Cala Mesquida Suites and Spa – The Perfect Luxurious Getaway for Adults


Increase your revenue.

Increase your revenue.

— All-In-One Partnership Services

We offer a wide range of services to our partners that further strengthen our relationships and improve the reputation of both us and our partners.

Companies and partners presenting in our magazine will directly reach the target audience within the niche of luxury travel and have the opportunity to present their services in our Luxury Travel Packages.

Our production team is ready to produce commercials, video presentations, and advertisements with our expert photography and videography production team to expand and promote your brand.

Carefully curated Luxury Travel Packages promote only the highest of quality services from our partners directly to clients. This service also offers the opportunity for partners to present in our magazine.

We help our clients in selling their exceptional luxury products and services by building synergy within other advertisers - partner brands & connecting them with like-minded associates and their clients to create a sought-after image within high society.

Endless Benefits Designed With You In Mind.

Hidden sales and exclusive off-market investment opportunities await you in our newsletter. No cluttered and pointless daily emails here. Instead, when you sign up for our newsletter, we will only contact you if we have a special deal to offer. Every time our name pops up in your inbox, you can be sure that it is about something good!

Discounted Offers and Special Deals from our Partners

No worries, we don’t spam your inbox.


Video Production

Learn more about our Video Production services that come along with our Print Advertisement.

Over the last few years, we have served the luxury niche market by promoting companies in our Yachting Lifestyle Magazine. Now, we're bringing the best of both worlds, in terms of Advertisement and Video Production, to all the luxury service providers that choose to advertise with us through a dedicated team of top-tier photography and video production experts.


Why should you consider making a Video Commercial for the presentation of your services?

Even there are still those who relish the pleasure of flipping through the pages of a magazine while traveling in a private jet, relaxing by the pool of a luxury villa, or spending time on a superyacht, the "newer generation" often prefers digital channels to explore products and services.

- Yacht for Charter

Check the project

- Yacht for Charter

Check the project

- An iconic watch

Check the project

- The Perfect Flight Environment

Check the project

- Live the Mediterranean Dream

Check the project

Live above the clouds

Check the project

The Perfect Luxurious Getaway

Check the project

- Wellness and Luxury in the Allgäu

Check the project

- Fractional Jet Ownership Program

Check the project

- Luxury Watches

Check the project

Eventas at Its Finest

Check the project

-Magnificence Made Manifest

Check the project

Yacht Charter Show Hits Barcelona

Check the project

- Champagne

Check the project

 <a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Classic Yacht Casablanca</a>
 <a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Moonraker</a>
<a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Frederique Constant</a>
<a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Flying Privately with Beechcraft</a>
<a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Balearic Home Mallorca</a>
<a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Balearic Helicopters</a>
<a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">The Viva Cala Mesquida</a>
 <a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Das Park Hotel</a>
<a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="<a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Jet Club</a>
<a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Motor Yacht SNOWBIRD</a>
 <a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Antonio Boggati </a>
 <a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">The IDIF Success: </a>
 <a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Superyacht ROMA</a>
 <a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">The 2022 MYBA </a>
 <a style="color: #3AD5E1" href="">Barons De Rotschild</a>

Do you want to present your service through professional CinematicVideo Commercial?


and many more...


Presentation of your services in our Luxury Travel Packages

Establishing partnerships with the companies presenting in our magazine that share our visions, goals, and standards is very important to us. We’ve gathered a top tier group of travel service providers and promote their services all in one luxury travel package offered to our clients. These packages display the services of those who chose to be promoted in our magazine that impress with high standards and share commonality of a luxurious lifestyle with our partners. Those advertising in our magazine that display these standards are automatically provided with an opportunity to be included in tailor-made travel packages promoted and offered to our clients. We strive to add value to the lives of high profile individuals seeking luxury travel solutions, and with your help we can offer an array of specially made travel packages to achieve an unforgettable luxury travel experience for our customers.


Luxury Travel Concierge Services

Join us as we also promote your services as the best aspects of VIP Group Travel on your behalf!



A wide selection of our yacht charter and superyacht partners are featured in our luxury travel packages to help our clients and readers create their perfect luxury experience at sea.

01 01


Traveling by private jet is best when it is personalized, that's why we have included jet charter services in our travel packages only of those that we have personally checked in order to meet the high quality life standards of our clients and readers.

02 02

Real Estate

Our luxury real estate partners can offer our readers an incredible selection of premium luxury villas in stunning locations available for private rent. Present your villas as well!

03 03
— Luxury Travel Deals

Par Excellence passionately provides information, organization, chartering, and planning for high-end experiences from corporate travel to luxury excursions with our services:

— Luxurious Private Cruise Travel Options

— High-End Superyacht Charters

— Exclusive Private Events on Board Yachts

— Individual or Group Travel Planning

— Flying Privately Options

— Luxury Private Villa Rentals

— Tailored and Personalized Adventures

— Exclusively Negotiated Special Discounts

Have a project in mind?

Have a project in mind?

If you are interested in promotion of your service or products in our next magazine issue and you believe to be a compelling match for Par Excellence experience, that you could benefit to other partners and associates, and that you could bring value to our clients, please reach out to us by filling form to become a part of Par Excellence community and receive benefit of multiple advertisement options.

Looking for collaboration for your next project? Do not hesitate to contact us to say hello.

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