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Balearic Home Mallorca

Balearic Home Mallorca

The island of Mallorca is one of the finest places for tourists and travel lovers. Every year people come in droves to experience the capital city, Palma de Mallorca, and the islandu2019s pristine beaches, stunning architecture, and landmark historical sites. However, most would agree that one of the most fascinating aspects of expeditions to the Spanish island of Mallorca is the wonderful villas scattered around this breathtaking island.

Among the islandu2019s luxury villas, the Villa Cristal, provided by Balearic Home Mallorca, easily stands out as a top choice for people looking to take in the lovely sights and sounds that the largest of the Balearic Islands has to offer. Villa Cristal is strategically located in the neighborhood of Sol de Mallorca on the southwest coast of the island in the Calvia region. Just beyond the villa is Port Adriano, a large marina home to superyachts and luxury sailboats, owned by some of societyu2019s most rich and famous individuals.

Residents of this villa will be able to access the Centre of Palma and the Balearic airport within minutes. At Villa Cristal, you would be just one step away from the bustling island action. With minimal effort, you can visit the top restaurants, pubs, and hot spots within Mallorca and its capital city.

No need for long commutes or unnecessary transportation costs. You can go from partying at a nearby club in Palma to resting in your room in the serene Sol de Mallorca within 15 minutes by car.

A short, brisk walk from Villa Cristal can take you to Cala Bella Donna, a small sandy beach with beautiful clear blue waters in just 10 minutes. Here, you can go snorkeling, play water games with friends or sunbathe as you read a good book. Whatever your specific interests may be, lodging at this luxury villa positions you in the perfect location to explore all the island has to offer, allowing quick travel to any activity or location you may enjoy with ease.

Despite the close proximity to the capital city, Villa Cristal still provides an atmosphere of serenity unlike anything youu2019ve ever experienced, nestled away in Sol de Mallorca. Whether itu2019s day or night, occupants of this luxury villa can be guaranteed a feeling of peace. Surrounded by nature and with an outdoor space designed by the finest architectural minds, the view from this villa can best be described as surreal.

Villa Cristal is a 3,600m2 property equipped with the most modern amenities, a scenic driveway, a massive courtyard, and an entrance hall with a glossy staircase. It is designed as the perfect resting place for group travels as it can house up to 12 persons. No one is exempted from the regal treatment that is offered at Villa Cristal.

The upper floor of this luxury villa residence houses a private sleeping area, with a master bedroom and a secondary room. Both these rooms are en-suite and provide a stunning view of the turquoise-blue sea.

Just below the private sleeping area, on the ground floor, is the large living area. This section of the villa has four bedrooms. Two of these rooms are en-suite while the others share a bath.

Next is the beautiful living and dining room space. Well-lit with a large dining table, residents of Villa Cristal can relax here and have a lovely time with friends or family.

Here, you can play card games and share amazing conversations, or simply enjoy a meal in silence as you bask in the stunning outdoor views. There are no restrictions here. You decide how you want to unwind and experience the Balearic Islands.

Hospitality is all about offering premium care to guests and nothing exemplifies this more than this stunning villa residence. All rooms in Villa Cristal are equipped with air conditioners, high-speed internet connectivity, underfloor heating, and several other features that guarantee your comfort.

For lovers of aesthetics, the indoor and outdoor areas of the Villa Cristal are properly furnished and designed to paint a picture that can only be described as a glimpse of heaven. One would be quick to observe the level of attention to detail that was employed in the architectural design of this masterpiece. Inside this apartment is resplendent with matte marble furnishings and finely-polished walnut doors, a fitting image for a building of luxury.

Upon stepping out of their rooms, guests will be treated to picturesque sights of the sea and a breathtaking garden with green, lush, well-tendered vegetation. There is a beautifully landscaped pool area with three pools that come together to form one. You can stand at the 250m2 terrace and take in all the beauty that Palma de Mallorca brings.

This luxury villa is offered by Balearic Home Mallorca, a real estate company with over a decade of experience in catering to the unique housing needs of A-list professionals, corporate leaders, and tourists. They offer a wide range of services, including villa vacation rentals, house sales, and long-term rentals. They offer tailored services to your real estate needs.

A great benefit of renting this luxury villa via Balearic Home Mallorca is its affordable rates. The standard all-year rate for travelers looking to stay at Villa Cristal is set at u20ac14,400. Clients will be charged u20ac19,200 between June and September, and u20ac24,000 between July and August. However, for our esteemed customers, it gets even better. We are offering you a 10% discount on this standard price. Now, there are no barriers to you enjoying the experience of a lifetime during your trip to the wonderful island of Mallorca.

Hear From Balearic Home

So, if you value the ability to rest in privacy but also wish to seek luxury accommodation that provides you with the opportunity to make the most of your trip to Mallorca, then Villa Cristal represents the perfect choice. Donu2019t settle for less when you can enjoy the finest things the Balearic Islands has to offer.

Turn your stay in Mallorca from a journey into an adventure. Contact Balearic Home.

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