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Manuel Grimm
Chief Operating Officer

Dear Tomislav, Thank you very much for the great news and congrats!! The magazine look awesome. Thanks again for your support, I hope we will have a flight or a car ride together soon, Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Wonderful Tomislav, Thank you very much for this article. Thank you for introducing us to potential clients and direct them to us for the experience element, whilst you will be taking care of transportation and security.

Tim Morley

Hi Tomislav, Thank you for everything. Once again I am full of gratitude and admiration for your achievements.

Managing Director

Dear Tomislav, Dear Nives, I hope you are both well and safe. I am very impressed by the quality of your promotional tools and the services you offer and am delighted to continue to support you in any way we can. I hope we meet again soon and thank you for sending the magazines in due course.

Maria Bakalakou
Charter Manager

Dear Tomislav, Good evening. I hope you are great. Please let us take the opportunity to be thanking you again for the beautiful featured editorial within your magazine and hopefully we extend and contribute in the forthcoming one. Let’s talk soon the following days.

Georgia Hutchinson
Sales and Marketing Assistant

Hi Tomislav, This is wonderful, thank you very much! Look forward to receiving the magazines.

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What makes us different?

  • Our magazine has an exclusive distribution list which includes clients who are specifically interested in luxury lifestyle and travel.
  • Our magazines are delivered to exclusive private jets
  • Each summer, our magazines are delivered to over 2.500 Superyachts 
  • We have exclusive deals with Yacht Charter partner companies
  • Our Jet Charter partner companies include those who operate luxury Boeing 737 airplanes
  • We work directly with our clients, offering an exclusive and personal travel experience
  • Luxury Real Estate companies are also a key partner


We distribute our magazines directly to our clients, associates and partners and directly to yacht owners.
Our magazine is not distributed to a random public.

Here you can find a magazine delivery report

Additionally we also started to distribute our magazines at the VIP events, yacht and AERO shows:

These are the locations where we would distribute our next magazine issue:

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Our high-quality services highlights that we are more than your standard magazine publishing company.

Connections that last a lifetime.

We build trusting relationships with our clients, which means increased engagement with your brand.


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Each issue exudes luxury, and we only invite Marque brands the opportunity to advertise their exclusive products in our publications, which includes:

There are a variety of different brands and companies that we work with, but one thing they all have in common is luxury.
What makes Par Excellence truly stand out: 
Innovation and a desire to influence the future of luxury drives us, and we would love nothing more than to share this mission with others, who match our motivation and passion.
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