Here at XS Travel Management, we understand there are so many intricacies within a luxury lifestyle. To keep things running efficiently and comfortably, help is needed at home just as much as it is needed for transportation and security. Household staff are a wonderful addition. They free up time spent on taking care of household duties, and they can even extend beyond the home by providing childcare and event catering.

Since household staff have access to some of your most personal locations and interact with your loved ones, we understand the importance of ensuring that you are hiring trustworthy individuals. This is precisely why we have formed a partnership with and vetted the experienced serving professionals for hire at Randolph’s. With our extensive experience in security and background checking, you can be sure that all of the individuals recommended to you are trustworthy and reputable. Our assurance of safety combined with the professionalism of Randolph’s staff will make for the best housing staff experience you have ever had.

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No matter your home care or service needs, Randolph’s has skilled professionals ready to help. Their services are available for temporary or seasonal hire. You are also capable of choosing a live-in or live-out household staff style to fit your household, comfort levels, and requirements. Their specialty staff includes butlers, maids, private chefs, servers, laundry staff, estate managers, gardeners, engineers, and any other assistance professional your living quarters could possibly require. The experienced staff at Randolph’s serve a variety of areas in the UK and Internationally, so the ideal team of private household staff can be assembled to meet your unique needs.

The beauty of having a private household staff lies in their ability to learn and adjust to your lifestyle’s exact needs. With long-term private staff like this, you need not worry about reminding them of daily tasks, and you can even get to know your staff for more personable and comfortable service.

Randolph’s can reach beyond caring for your home by providing secure and professional childcare services. Their nannies and childcare professionals are experienced and trained to serve in a variety of situations, including sole-charge and shared care. It can be stressful to leave your child with someone who isn’t family, but many times it is inefficient and impractical to stay home with your child all day. With Randolph’s vetted childcare professionals, you can focus on important matters while knowing that your beloved child is in good hands and being catered to.

Luxury lifestyles are not fully enjoyable unless you have the right help. At a certain point, wealth translates to business and money management in a way that can not be facilitated alone. If you were to spend all of your time plotting out every detail of your day and home life for maximum efficiency, it would cost you a fair amount of time. Luckily, Randolph’s also offers personal assistants, family staff, and private office staff. They are experienced in matching personal assistants to their clients to ensure a comfortable and reliable fit. The large network of personal, financial, and business assistants available through Randolph’s services guarantees you a perfect fit for your personal assistant needs. Their professional assistants are trained in services ranging from domestic staff management, travel planning, arranging events, and many more multifaceted duties.

In our partnership with Randolph’s, we have fully observed their awareness of and care for high-profile lifestyles. Their trusted professionals take care of every aspect of home life, but they are also well adapted to serve other aspects of luxury lifestyles. In particular, they are meaningful partners when it comes to making events of any size luxurious and worry-free.

Many of Randolph’s professional staff members are trained for service in a variety of scenarios, making them the perfect assistants for hosting events. They take great pride in the quality of service provided by their butlers, who are known to serve in a way that feels intuitive. Polite yet discrete, they are trained to meet social expectations and are prepared to handle any scenario, making them unshakable partners for your next event. Having a staff of this caliber means all of your hosting duties will be well taken care of, allowing you to relax and socialize with ease.

Randolph’s has provided immaculate service staff for world-renowned events like the Royal Ascot and dinners at St. James Place. Their professional service is only matched by their expertise in event planning. With Randolph’s help, your next event can be turned into a worry-free luxury experience that your guests are sure to talk about for years to come.

If you are looking to make your house feel more like a home through the dutiful assistance of reliable household staff from Randolph’s, you can contact us for more details. Our partnership allows us to offer clients exclusive deals that are unavailable anywhere else. It would be our honor to introduce you to your ideal assistants so you can enjoy the luxury of a well-kept home and worry-free lifestyle.



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