Generations of master jewelers are honoring the beauty of the oceans with an exclusive and modern twist.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”

This popular quote by famous playwright and poet, Oscar Wilde, begs the question of how life and art interact, but there exist forms of art that can not be defined by their differences from life. Some art forms are more than an influence; they suit the lives they touch in a way that is so naturally beautiful that they blur the line between nature’s beauty and beauty that is man-made. The gemstones at Vitale are an exquisite example of this rare phenomenon, as they possess an allure that rivals the beauty of the ocean.

Vitale is more than a company; they are the result of a family who has entangled their lives with an endless pursuit of enhancing craftsman jeweling styles. This blending of art and life began in 1873 in the heart of Naples and has continued to this very day. More than 100 years separate these points in time, and they have been greatly eventful. A pursuit of passion in the arts over the course of a lifetime can produce masterpieces that stand the test of time. Multiply those accomplishments and advancements by generations who share the same passionate pursuit, and you are rewarded with artworks that are as impressive as they are unique.

At its origin, Vitale created the new world capital of high jewelry in a country known for high standards of art, Italy. It also created jewelry that blessed the hands of high-standing French individuals in the 1900’s. Today, Vitale is not limited by the barriers of old-world travel. They advanced their skills and practices as the world enhanced its connections, allowing high-class individuals with a keen eye for art to adorn these unique jewels in areas around the globe.

Vitale offers a number of services that are catered to high-end clientele. Gemstones are more than a flashy adornment; they are a valuable investment, and Vitale treats them as such. Safe deposits and close collaboration with high-end insurance companies ensure that your gemstones are secure at all times, even in transport. Their experts are at your service when it comes to evaluating the value of gems and creating custom-designed pieces. Their care lasts a lifetime with warranties that cover everything from repairs to resizing. Vitale even accepts cryptocurrency as it embraces innovation and advancements in the world of business.

To wear a Vitale piece is to embody art. These carefully crafted pieces are intended to enhance the elegance of their wearer through organic designs that mimic the most enchanting aspects of nature. It is no secret that in recent years our planet has suffered the effects of severe pollution, especially our oceans, which are overfished and showing signs of severe strain. Without healthy seas, there is a loss of culture, a loss of life, and a disheartening loss of natural beauty.

Owner, director, and fourth-generation diamond expert at Vitale, Alberto Domenico Vitale, was not discouraged by the deteriorating conditions of our oceans. Instead, he decided to use his heritage and skillset to make a difference by supporting initiatives at the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco.

The Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco is devoted to preserving the beauty of natural areas for generations to come, and Vitale stands in firm agreement. The company has always been aware of global issues and promotes best practices to support environmental and humanitarian efforts. Each and every glistening gem in their collection is ethically sourced to promote awareness about the illegal diamond trade and abused employees. Now, the gems at Vitale glimmer in hopes of enhancing the status of our oceans. A portion of the proceeds from each piece supports the research and protection of vulnerable oceanic environments.

Donning Vitale jewelry has been a sign of luxury, an honoring of heritage, and an embodiment of the arts for more than a century. Now, it also stands as an act of environmental awareness. Within the crisp whites, rich blues, and coral hues of each unique item in their Ocean Treasures collection lies a hint of the ocean’s beauty. To own a piece of this collection is to support our oceans with a work of art that could only be created by the perfect joining of human creativity and natural beauty.


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