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Private jets with corporate travel in mind.

Business stops for nothing, not even travel, and successful businesses commonly demand a heightened amount of travel. For corporate leaders, political officials, and other high-profile individuals constant air travel can be a serious dilemma. You know that public planes are far too risky, they leave you exposed to threats from those with opposing opinions or envy about financial wellbeing. Public aircraft are also generally uncomfortable, lack a professional luxurious feeling, and maybe too hectic for you to complete important work.

Excellentair has dedicated their services to solving this age-old dilemma in the world of corporate travel, and they provide plenty of opportunities for leisurely travel as well.

One of the company’s stand-out features is its fleet of larger private jets. It is quite common to see private jets that contain two to four passenger seats, but such size does not always suffice. Larger families, groups of friends, and business parties tend to exceed four seats on a regular basis and it doesn’t make sense to take multiple private jets. The Excellent Air fleet consists of ten Cessna Citation Jets (CJ) and one Cessna XLS. Both of these models are well known for their luxurious interiors and professional craftsmanship.

The Cessna CJ’s comfortably fit a maximum of up to eight passengers, depending on the model, who each have their own seat with ample legroom, cushioned seating, and plenty of windows. The seats are arranged so the front two face the back four, this creates a great social dynamic for chatting or presenting business information. This aircraft has a range of about 3,000 kilometers, making it perfect for swift and safe trips across Europe. The cabin height is 146 centimeters, which provides a comfortable amount of headspace for seated passengers while keeping the jet’s profile sleek. There are even a few pop-up tables tucked into the walls of this model and they make for comfortable workspaces or the perfect place to pour a few drinks.

The excellentair fleet also proudly boasts one stunning Cessna XLS that is capable of carrying up to nine passengers. For a private jet, a nine passenger capacity is quite impressive and it affords you the opportunity to share this luxury experience with your entire family or business party. The seating orientation in the XLS is similar to that of the CJ’s, but the extra seat is actually facing towards the center of the plane instead of being backward or forward-facing. When combined with the spaciousness of this private jet and the 173-centimeter cabin height, this jet’s orientation allows for plenty of interactions between passengers. The 3,500 kilometer range of the XLS makes it a great fit for slightly longer trips across Europe, and to accommodate its guests on these journeys the jet also has a bathroom, multiple entertainment options, and offers catering services.

The safety of the Cessna models in excellentair’s fleet are well known, but they are also enhanced by the company’s constant efforts towards creating an extremely secure travel experience catered towards high-profile individuals. Each jet in excellentair’s fleet can be individually viewed on their site, and they are constantly reviewed by the company for safety. Excellentair works with Cessna to ensure that their aircrafts are being held to the highest standards of function and security. Consistent maintenance is constantly pursued by the company’s private team of expert engineers in the field of air crafts. Excellentair has worked with Cessna jets for so long that they are considered professionals on the topic and are able to constantly deliver reliable results.

Aside from their high standard of safety and quality aircrafts, excellentair is also known for their service. All members of their staff, pilots included, are routinely reviewed to ensure that you and your party are provided with the highest standard of service. They have facilitated partnerships and collaborations with a variety of experts in the culinary field to provide their passengers with luxury restaurant-quality dining services while onboard. These services cover everything from professionally picked bottles of wine to designer dinners, so you and your guests can enjoy every second of your flight to the fullest. If needed, the excellentair team is also capable of making client-specific accommodations when they are requested ahead of time.

Some of the specialty services provided by excellentair upon request are pet travel, express freight transport, and the handling of hazardous materials. Pets are a huge part of people’s lives, which is why the excellentair team treats them as kindly as human passengers. If you have a furry friend, you can comfortably enjoy your flight with them right by your side, a luxury that not all jet charters are comfortable offering. Outside of personal transportation, excellentair is also capable of caring for your business and personal needs. Their express freight transport service is the ideal solution for making materials appear at your job site quickly and without any hassle. They also understand that there are situations that require the transport of items that may be considered dangerous for air travel. Well-trained personnel are at the ready to transport the dangerous or extremely sensitive goods to wherever you need them to go, and you can be sure that everything will arrive safely through the care of excellentair ‘s experienced staff.

Due to excellentair’s large private jet options, you and your party can enjoy the flexibility and exclusive access to smaller airports that come with a private jet, while enjoying the larger group travel associated with public airlines. Another impressive perk of chartering an excellentair jet is the service you receive, even after you disembark from your aircraft. At excellentair, you will always be a priority, and that standard is upheld from the moment you book your flight until the moment you safely reach your destination. Any necessary paperwork for your travel will be organized before your journey begins, and after that, you can completely relax or attend to business as you are safely flown to your location and then immediately driven to your specific destination by their chauffeur services.

If you are interested in enjoying the perks of both a private jet and a larger aircraft through excellentair’s luxury services, we would be happy to help. You can contact us and we will gladly organize a charter with excellentair on you and your party’s behalf. We are also capable of negotiating a discounted rate to help you get the most out of your experience. Your other option is to personally reach out to excellentair directly to schedule a charter and be sure to mention that you first learned of their services through Par Excellence to receive an exclusive discount.

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