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A Historic and World-Renowned Private Charter Experience Like No Other

Yachts are commonly idealized as one of the most luxurious and affluent modes of transportation. They can cater to everything from personal ventures to private parties, but not all yachts exist on the same standards. The formula for an ideal yachting experience is complex. The crew must be well experienced, the vessel must be suited to its passengers, the route must be professionally planned, and many more minor details must all be arranged with great precision to achieve excellence. At the pinnacle of luxury yachting experiences exists a company that stands out from its peers, Morley Yachts, and their world-renowned ship, the Christina O.

The legacy of Morley Yachts is firmly rooted in countless years of experience and their agency of the most famous yacht in history, the Christina O. The founder of Morley Yachts, Tim Morley, started his career as a crew member on one of the most prestigious charters of its time. He expanded his experience to include planning trips, inspecting yachts, and working for major yacht charter brokerages. As a well-seasoned professional in the field, he was inspired to advance the world of yachting towards a higher standard of luxury, and so Morley Yachts was born.

Through connections, a passion for the industry, the upholding of high standards, and a deep understanding of the corporate lifestyle, the company continues to grow. With hundreds of yachts for charter, Morley Yachts is capable of catering to the needs of every client. Their vessels range in size and can accommodate any group, spanning from one individual to over 200 people. The services and yacht options provided by Morley yachts are so bountiful, choosing just one may feel overwhelming. Luckily, their established team of professionals can help guide you to your perfect fit, and one stunning member of their fleet is sure to stand out. The Christina O.

Beyond the challenge of choosing a yacht to charter, you can also get lost in the array of breathtaking locations to dock at. Morley Yachts are known for worldwide charter service, but they have taken a special interest in venturing to iconic shorelines, like the French Riviera or the Greek Islands. Wherever you travel, be it for pleasure or business, Morley Yachts is sure to provide you with views and experience that will leave you speechless.

Though many individuals may boast of yachting ventures, few enjoy the exclusive experience of a completely customized charter that caters to their every need and helps them indulge in the dreams of boundless world travel. Imagine the rare beauty of waking up to the sunrise over the Italian West Coast and being escorted to shore to enjoy the ideal Italian breakfast, a locally brewed cup of espresso alongside handmade biscotti. You could even strengthen corporate ties by impressing your high-profile clients with the highest quality French champagne as you talk business and gaze upon the unrivaled beauty of the French Riviera. On the Christina O, you can let your imagination run wild with possibilities knowing that your experience will exceed your expectations.

Like a gem on the ocean, the famous Christina O cruises by as her passengers bask in luxury.

It is true that we live in the present and plan our experiences for the future, but there is something magical about incorporating unique aspects of the past into our lives. Morley Yachts offers its customers a special opportunity to step into the beauty of a floating piece of history because they are the central agent for the Christina O. The legacy of this yacht generally introduces itself, but its story is always one worth telling.

Commonly referred to as the most famous yacht in the world or the pinnacle of yachting royalty, the Christina O came from humble beginnings. Originally constructed as a Canadian submarine fighting frigate in 1943, the Christina O served in numerous historical battles and survived into her retirement in 1954. The potential and power of this vessel did not go unnoticed and was quickly purchased for renovation into a superyacht. In a post-war era of poverty, this yacht’s sparking renovation was an aspirational symbol of luxury.

The Christina O’s stunning mosaic pool is raised to act as a dance floor in this elegant image of the ship at dusk.

Opulence, class, and beauty coated every surface of the structure, and many high-profile individuals were allured by its beauty. Those who are lucky enough to board the Christina O walk in the footsteps of historical figures like the Kennedys, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and other highly influential individuals.

With room for 36 guests, a stunning mosaic swimming pool that converted into a helicopter pad, and many other luxury accommodations, it is no wonder why it became a presidential yacht for the Greek government in 1975. Sadly, complications in the country led to the Christina’s decommission and disrepair.

This historical treasure and global symbol of luxury was revived once more when it was purchased and restored by a family friend of Christina O’s original owner. Today she is available for charter through Mortley Yachts and continues to host high-profile guests, grand parties, and historic weddings. Every inch of this structure is bathed in history and beauty. The Christina O is the envy of Yachts worldwide, and for 560,000 € a week, you can bask in her glory. During the high season, July and August, the weekly charter price for the Christina O increases to 630,000 €, not including the VAT and crew gratuity for the high-quality service provided.

If the Christina O or any of the other stunning Morley Yachts have caught your eye, we can help you enjoy all of their luxuries at a fraction of the price, simply contact us to receive an exclusively arranged discount. Our partnership allows us to offer our clients exclusive deals on this one-of-a-kind experience, and we are more than happy to help you experience a part of history. Your experience with the highest standard of yachting luxury is only a call away!

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