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The most luxurious yacht in Croatia

The glistening turquoise waters off the coast of Croatia are known for being especially calm and inviting to sailors. Historic sites and lush shores make views from the Adriatic Sea appear like scenes from a movie. These stunning sights have made the area a perfect location for yachting ventures, but amongst the hundreds of ships that can be chartered for Croatia one stands out.

The Lady Gita is a luxury cruise ship available for charter, and she is like no other. Having been specifically crafted for the conditions around Croatia, the Lady Gita has both grand sales and power engines. She combines the luxury of modern ingenuity and classic charm with the influence of nature. In short, this vessel is unlike any other in her class and she deserves the spotlight.

The classical accents found throughout the Lady Gita may make it appear as if she has been around for quite some time, but she is actually relatively young. Having made her maiden voyage in 2019, the Lady Gita is a fresh and new experience in the world of luxury. The design concept behind her conception was to create a timeless yachting vessel that would raise the standard of luxury and be suited to high-class individuals. Since her first voyage, the Lady Gita has lived up to those expectations and ferried more than a few individuals who were delighted with her service. Many times, older yachts receive more attention for their aged style and historical relevance, but the Lady Gita has provided a unique opportunity to enjoy a luxury that is still rather new to the world and fairly exclusive.

Much of this vessel’s praise centers around her accommodating design. Her 49.2-meter long structure was expertly designed to comfortable suit 12 guests while also maintaining space for luxury and work events. In total, there are six bedrooms aboard the ship and they vary in design as a way of accommodating the needs of all who board her. Two of the cabins are master cabins, allowing her guests to avoid any debate about choosing rooms. These master cabins are impressively spacious with king-sized beds, plenty of walking space, desks, seating areas, and en-suite full bathrooms. The bow master cabin even has separate “his & hers” en-suite bathrooms for privacy and the aft master cabin contains a walk-in closet. Despite being at sea, the cabins of Lady Gita extend far beyond the standards of many luxury hotels.

The other four cabins on the Lady Gita are considered doubles. Two of these rooms contain queen beds that comfortably suit two guests or a single guest. The other two contain queen beds that can be converted into singles. This is ideal for guests who wish to room alone, or for individuals who prefer to sleep in separate beds. The single bed option also helps make the Lady Gita’s accommodations kid-friendly in the case that families charter the yacht. Every single cabin has its own full-sized bathroom, closets, and plenty of room. The guest cabins are also distinctly separated from the crew’s sleeping quarters for privacy.

Once you and your guests get situated in your cabins, you can take the time to explore and appreciate the other show-stopping aspects of the Lady Gita. Her custom-built design hides numerous modern features that are specified to enhance the enjoyment of every trip. The spacious design of her desks is often the most noticeable detail of the Lady Gita. The bow has a grand seating area that is cushioned for passenger comfort during cruising speeds. Imagine the relaxation and freedom of sitting upon a 161-foot yacht as the fresh Croatian air gently caresses your face. This seating area is large enough for multiple guests, and it is surrounded by plenty of deck space when passengers can stretch, sunbathe, or even practice some yoga.

The top deck of this yacht hosts even more sunbathing space, with wrap-around lounging areas that line almost every wall of the top deck. The organic shapes of these lounging areas make them perfect for laying down and taking a nap in the sun, sitting down and reading a book, or sharing a drink with company. The top deck also has a jacuzzi. Contrary to what one may expect for a yacht, this jacuzzi is actually quite large, with enough room to comfortably fit multiple guests, making it the perfect location for a late-night drink or an early morning soak. Sun covers can be deployed over this seating area to suit the needs of guests and create the perfect atmosphere for their luxury experience.

The Lady Gita prides itself on providing service that exceeds its guests’ expectations. All 8 members of her staff work tirelessly to cater to their guests’ every need, which is why serving spaces can be found throughout the vesicle. On the top deck, there is a sleek white bar for the serving of food and drinks as guests recline in the sunshine and soak in the stunning sights. The main deck was also designed for idealistic service. It contains indoor and outdoor spaces that can be conjoined or closed off to suit the weather. Inside you will find an array of seating areas, a full bar, and an elegant dining table. Outside, another dining area sits beneath the lip of the sundeck to protect it from direct sunlight, while still providing access to the stunning views of the coastline and watery horizon. Both dining areas are suited to comfortably fit all 12 guests so the luxury of the Lady Gita can be experienced together.

Despite the variety of spaces available on the Lady Gita, there is an extremely cohesive feeling to the ship’s atmosphere. The sleek white exterior compliments the blues of the Adriatic Sea, making the ship glimmer like a gem when it is out on the water. This eye-catching effect is enhanced by Lady Gita’s billowing white sails. The ship’s interior prioritizes natural hues and high-end materials with hints of gold, to create a welcoming and classic atmosphere. The interior was specially designed by the accomplished designer and architect, Aleksandar Mijatovic. He chose to include marbles, teak decking, walnut accents, and other high-end materials to accentuate the luxurious aspects of the Lady Gita. Lighting was also thoughtfully incorporated into this yacht as a way of making her as stunning and functional at night as she is during the day. All of the walkways and decking are well lit from above, as well as below, especially on steps. This ensures the safety of guests and enhances the mood according to whatever event is taking place.

The Lady Gita’s lighting also leads to another impressive aspect of the ship, her large folding water-level swim platform. At the touch of a button, this grand platform gracefully extends from the rear of the Lady Gita and provides sturdy space for a number of activities. For those who wish to enjoy a private dinner or drink closer to the water, this platform can be converted to a small dining area. It also serves as the perfect palace for guests to enjoy some time in the glistening waters. Snorkeling equipment is provided so guests can enjoy the biodiversity and beauty of the crystal clear waters by Croatia’s shores. Swim ladders allow for easy entry and exit from the ocean while an on-deck shower is available for a freshwater rinse after a salty swim.

The fun doesn’t stop there. The Lady Gita is well aware of how enjoyable the ocean can be, so there are sports and leisure equipment available at all times. Jet skis are available for exploration and they can be combined with the ship’s water skis for a thrilling adventure. Three paddle boards and two canoes are also available for more leisurely enjoyment of Croatia’s waters. In total that makes for 6 sporting devices, some of which can fit two people, allowing all 12 guests to enjoy these activities together.

The Lady Gita may be a young yacht, but she has been designed to anticipate and serve her guests every need. All aspects of her design emit a sense of luxury and highlight the classic beauty of an experience on the Croatian sea. Her accommodations make for the perfect space to enjoy a relaxing retreat, host a professional discussion with high-profile clients, or take care of whatever other matters you may have in mind.

If you are interested in experiencing the most luxurious superyacht in Croatia, then we would be happy to help. You can contact us and we would be happy to organize a charter with Lady Gita on your behalf and negotiate a discounted rate. You can also reach out to the Lady Gita directly to schedule a charter, and be sure to mention that you first learned of her through Par Excellence to receive an exclusive discount. An unforgettable yachting trip in Croatia awaits you!



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