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In the world of elites, travel and business are two ventures whose paths intertwine. The best businessmen and women all over the world are constantly jetting out to different locations to secure one deal or another. As a result, there is always this need for a world-class jet service. Amongst luxury trippers, businesspersons, and the rest of the elite populace, one name that constantly evokes a picture of affluence, grandeur, and style is Jet Club.

JetClub is a private jet service under the umbrella of Jet Club Group whose goals are to tip the scale from traditional flying to a more sophisticated one. The club’s founder Vishal Hiremath and cofounder Glenn Gonzales started the luxury jet service to make business aviation simpler. Vishal, who serves as the company’s chairman and CEO, is a trusted pilot with well over two decades of experience in the aviation business. Prior to the founding of the club, Vishal was an executive at Honda Aircraft, Rockwell Collins, and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. He was at the forefront of engineering, sales, and marketing at different aviation companies. This made him well-versed in the culture and traditions that propel the aviation business, having held key leadership positions in these companies.

Then there’s Glenn Gonzales who is a seasoned military veteran and an expert in the aviation business, clocking over 22 years of experience in the field. He was a flight commander in the United State Air Force, leading the charge in the F-15 Eagle. He also serves as a mentor and instructor for beginner pilots. Both men possess the necessary qualifications to boast. The combination of their flight and military savvy and their profound knowledge in the aviation business makes them the best at delivering top-class services. They are also the founding fathers of Jet It LLC, a sister company to Jet Club.

Jet Club along with Jet it has a host of Honda jets and Gulfstream G150s in its collection. These aircraft account for the best flight experience, as they do not fall short of modern technology. With Jet Club, the focus remains on providing the best, hassle-free travel services for all members, which is why it provides its clients with a tech-centric, intelligent, and reliable way to fly private. Jet Club maintains a can-do culture, priding itself on its ability to outperform its counterparts even in the toughest of conditions. With its full-day, multi-country stop model, you are sure to make it in time for all of your meetings and be back for dinner in the nick of time.

The unique standing Jet Club has over other service providers owes to the fact that it offers its clients total liberty, flexibility, and equanimity when traveling with any of its private jets. The club certainly did not leave any stone unturned in its quest to establish dominance in the aviation world. Each of its clients gets to enjoy the liberty that comes with owning a private jet without all the hassles that come with it.

Jet Club has employed a special team tasked with pilot training, aircraft maintenance, travel logistics, international operations, and concierge services. The team handles everything from traditional administration to engineering. If this is already too good to be true, hang on to your hats because it gets even better. At this point, affluence is synonymous with Jet Club and Jet It. With the introduction of it’s hybrid ownership program, club members can become co-owners of any of the jets in the fleet.

This program grants clients full autonomy over any of the jets for a number of days every year. On those days, clients can use the jet for the whole day. It is noteworthy that this program is relatively cost efficient and each derivative comes with its own price tag.

Overall, the private jet service provider is not limited to business clients. Jet Club caters to your adventures, family vacation, and personal trips. You get to decide what you want to see and where you want to go and Jet Club will take you there.

There’s no catch when it comes to flying with Jet Club. As a businessperson, you need to be able to travel without any obstacles. Time is of the essence, which is why Jet Club and Jet It are beckoning you to be a part of this world-leading group. Take to the skies with the best travel investment that suits you and your needs. Jet Club has a ton of other special offers just waiting for you to grab them. All you have to do is join this exclusive club today and spend less on cash and worries and more time living life to the fullest. With JetClub and Jet It, the sky is the starting point!

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