Luxury transportation vehicles that go above and beyond the call for safety and service.

A luxurious lifestyle is accompanied by certain needs, and sadly, it is also prone to calculated threats. Reaching desired destinations, relaxing in luxurious surroundings, and being sure of your security are no longer mutually exclusive events. Klassen, an experienced and exclusive armored car modifying company, has created vehicles made to answer every need you could possibly have, and we are proud to call them our partner. If you are looking to prioritize your safety without compromising your lifestyle, then we invite you to keep reading.

The most troubling aspect of a safe bunker is that you are only safe within those walls, which restricts travel. In contrast, vehicles allow you to travel to necessary and secure locations, but they leave you exposed to danger in the process. Klassen identified this disparity, and the need for a solution to improve the safety and quality of transportation amongst high profile and wealthy individuals. In response, they created the world’s most secure form of luxury transportation and it is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Due to our extensive experience in the world of luxury lifestyles and high-profile client care, it is generally difficult to impress us. We are constantly searching for newer, safer, and higher-quality services, so it often feels as if we have seen it all. However, that was not the case with Klassen. From the moment we heard about their armored vehicle services we knew they were creating something special, and our visit to their facility confirmed our every suspicion of supreme excellence in the sectors of luxury, safety, and transportation.

The Klassen facility welcomed us warmly and took great pride in sharing their services with us. A first-hand look at their production process went far beyond what we had expected, with many of their workers being artisans, scientists, engineers, and other professionals in the automotive industry. You can immediately sense the shared passion for creating a higher standard of luxury vehicle, and that passion is even more palpable when you get the opportunity to try out one of their completed vehicles.

Hand-stitched upholstery, ergonomic design, state-of-the-art technological integrations, and aesthetically pleasing accents overwhelm your senses with pleasure in every Klassen vehicle. The design of each vehicle was so comfortable and served our every need so thoroughly that we almost forgot that we were riding in the luxury equivalent of an armored tank. We were so impressed by the quality of these vehicles that we now proudly offer them as anoption so you can enjoy superb safety in a luxury vehicle with one of our professionally trained chauffeurs.

Klassen earned its title as the best producer of armored luxury vehicles by creating and utilizing materials in their vehicles that are capable of withstanding serious and calculated attacks. The vehicles produced by Klassen are described as “bunkers” in many cases because they are fully capable of withstanding gunshots from any angle. While an AK-47 would absolutely decimate a standard luxury vehicle, Klassen’s bunker quality vehicles can withstand multiple rounds of ammunition, even shots aimed at the glass or fuel tank. To take things even further, each vehicle has been customized with enough reinforced materials to withstand mine explosions from beneath the vehicle and TNT-grade explosions from distances as short as 4 meters. These astounding aspects of Klassen’s vehicles are just a few of the reasons why they are so impressive, so let’s dive a bit deeper and take a look at some of their most impressive models.

First up is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Bunker. This stunning Mercedes-style vehicle receives a complete Klassen upgrade and is rebuilt from the tires up, yet it never loses that sleek and luxurious look. With run-flat ballistic rubber tires that can handle an increased weight load, you will never have to worry about getting stranded. A hot-formed armored steel body is hidden within the car’s sleek design, Powerful multi-sided window lifters endure that the cabin can always be closed off from danger, and every inch of glass is tempered and bulletproof, all for your security.

Since each of these vehicles is modified from its original design, they can also be modified to fit your specific needs. Klassen creates vehicles based on personalized orders which allows you to choose from a variety of extras. Including VIP interior upgrades, anti-drone systems for privacy, beacons, emergency lighting systems, GPS tracking, a mobile phone jammer, and much more. All you have to do is relay your requirements and Klassen can construct a secure luxury Mercedes-Benz G-Class that is customized beyond your wildest dreams.

When it comes to Klassen, there is no shortage of transportation options, but let’s look at one more of the beautiful models they have perfected, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class Bunker. This model flaunts the same armored protection as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Bunker, but its spacious interior is what really caught our attention, and we think it will delight you as well.

This spacious vehicle maintains its original discrete luxurious style on the outside, but the inside transports you to a whole new world of high-end living. The 4 person seating space has more than enough room for each individual to recline and relax or enjoy the productivity of its workspace. At first glance, the interior seems minimalistic, but every aspect of the cabin holds discrete amenities meant to take your transportation to a new level of luxury. A hidden espresso bar, electronically deployed work desks, a mini-fridge, cigar compartment, champagne glass cabinet, wireless phone charger, two smart TV’s and an identity secured safe are ready to serve your every need. Most impressively, you can control every aspect of this vehicle with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Everything from the ambient lighting to the curtains are designed to serve your every need with minimal effort.

If you can somehow find an aspect of service that has yet to be integrated, the customizability of Klassen vehicles makes it possible to have it added, but it’s hard to be left wanting anything after experiencing the all-encompassing services provided by the Mercedes-Benz V-Class Bunker. As a final note on the astounding flexibility of the Klassen line of vehicles, it may also benefit you to know that Klassen is capable of making modifications as intense as stretching their vehicles. This modification maintains the structure’s integrity while providing you with extra space within the cabin to enhance your experience. There really is nothing Klassen can’t do when it comes to producing superior luxury cars.

All of their success on land has prompted Klassen to take their security modification skills to sea, with luxury yachts. A collaboration between Klassen and the renowned Italian custom yacht designer Dynamiq has resulted in an aquatic form of transportation that is as unique as it is luxurious. This yacht is known as the Dynamiq GTM 90 Klassen edition, and its features complement those of Klassen’s exclusive vehicles. The exterior is a gleaming aluminum and the vessel stretches an impressive 27.5 meters, making it perfect for entertainment and transportation purposes.

In classic Klassen fashion, this yacht is no ordinary toy for the wealthy. It was made to be dynamic and secure, by integrating aspects that discreetly benefit your security above all else. This yacht is relatively large considering its capabilities that more closely resemble a sports boat. A specialty hull design and three Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines allow the yacht to reach top speeds of 30 knots, which is ideal for escaping a dangerous situation. The yacht is also designed to carefully protect you from the harsh weather out at sea. While most yachts travel shorelines where the weather and temperatures are mild, theDynamiq GTM 90 Klassen edition is designed to travel further and handle more dynamic climates. A convertible main area allows for sunbathing during the day, and it can convert into a secure and warm enclosure within seconds if temperatures drop at night.

The interior of this stunning customizable yacht clearly bears the distinct luxury designs of Klassen. Hand-stitched upholstery, integrated and automated luxury components hidden behind rich wood paneling, and ambient light choices are all customized by Klassen since they are a leader in luxury transport. They also manufacture many of the automotive design and functional detailing features, so you can be sure you will receive a high-quality experience on every trip. They have even integrated ways for you and your travel companions to stay safe while you play and relax in the ocean. A large 5.5 meter2 inflatable pool with a mesh net is carried on board, allowing guests to comfortably swim in the ocean without the risks of being in open water.

Klassen continues to amaze us with the quality and caliber of service they provide. We are proud to grow alongside them as a trusted partner, and we are honored to have the opportunity to offer you the opportunity to rent a vehicle from their fleet. Our association puts us in a position to negotiate a deal on your behalf, so you may enjoy the combined comfort of our professionally trained transportation staff and their best-in-class luxury security vehicles. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity we would be glad to speak with you and we look forward to providing you with the high-quality service you deserve.

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