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Champagne Barons de Rothschild

Celebration calls for only the best Champagne – raise a glass of exceptional class, with Barons de Rothschild.

Passion, skill, and dedication has led to Barons de Rothschild excelling in the wine industry for over 170 years, resulting in truly extraordinary products that have landed them the title of one of the most prestigious brands in the world.

In the 19th century, the Rothschilds began their wine domination through the curation of two of the most well-respected Premier Cru Classe labels in a famous region of France, Bordeaux. The Rothschilds have cemented themselves as the pinnacle of luxury and quality in the wine industry for centuries, however the golden allure of Champagne was calling.

The Barons de Rothschild Champagne House was created in 2005, when three Rothschild cousins, Baron Benjamin, Baron Eric, and Baroness Philippine, set out to craft the best sparkling using the finest grapes in the region. They combined only the best terroirs with their sense of business excellence, to create sensational showpieces in the Champagne world. They set their sights on a supremely sought-after and rare grape, Chardonnay, which is a variety that accounts for less than 30% of the total vineyards in the Champagne region of France.

Customers can be assured that they will be buying only the finest product as the prestige of this family name guarantees top-quality craftsmanship through years of honorable tradition. Innovation is also a forefront of every venture, and if uniqueness and sophistication in the form of Champagne is what your heart desires, then you have found what you are looking for.

After spending time meticulously perfecting their recipe for this liquid gold, Barons de Rothschild first sold their Champagne only 13 years ago. Japan and Germany were the first to sample the delights that the brand had to offer, but this soon began to expand across Europe as they excelled in every market they ventured into.

This Champagne is certainly not one to miss, as only half a million bottles are produced every year which are exported to 70 countries. This is a unique success in such a prestigious and historic industry, epitomising the talent of the Barons de Rothschild brand as well as the undeniable quality of their Champagne.

Now, to the wine. There is no better place to begin than with the classic, rich, and elegant Brut from Barons de Rothschild. A skillful, unique blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that shimmers with gold and will certainly bring an element of class to your celebrations on beautiful summer evenings.

The sophisticated sensual flavours of pear, almond, and hazelnut will transport you to the rolling hills of France that are steeped in culture, whilst hints of white flowers and brioche flow through your senses. This is not a wine to disappoint and will surely be a favourite for everyone.

The Barons de Rothschild’s signature cuvée Blanc de Blancs offers a fruity, freshness that is unlike any champagne you have ever experienced, with an unmistakable elegance and the brightest golden shine. With 100% Chardonnay from Grands and Premiers crus only, this wine is full of fruity subtlety and will certainly be a showstopper for any occasion.

The bright, complex Rosé from Barons de Rothschild exudes finesse and is the perfect addition to your wine repertoire to impress friends, family, and colleagues alike. With 92% Chardonnay and a touch of red wine, the brightest notes of fresh red berries and rose petals shine through the pink hue, which is undercut with a subtle hint of lemon and bring together this excellent bold Rosé Champagne.

Time can create masterpieces, and if you are really looking to impress, then look no further than the opulent Rare Vintage Champagne from Barons de Rothschild, aged for eight to ten years and currently offering a 2010 vintage. These silky, generous wines share delicate citrus flavours and offer a clear smoothness that will make you feel as though you are sipping the embodiment of summer.

Quality and uniqueness exude from these wines and an elegant deal arose from these spectacular samples, as Barons de Rothschild is the official supplier of the Ritz dedicated champagnes, specially created cuvées exclusively for the Ritz in Paris and London and Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group all over the world.

It is time to impress with the Barons de Rothschilds Champagne which will bring luxury and elegance to your celebrations, no matter how small or decadent. There is nothing better than enjoying an extraordinary Champagne and watching the golden fizz pour into your glass, an incredibly immersive experience that transports you into the luxury of French culture. One thing is for certain, do not let this masterful wine pass you by.

Hear From Barons de Rothschilds

As a long-term partner of the Barons De Rothschild champagne company, we are able to offer all our partners the delivery of large quantities of champagne (even the limited ones – out of stock) for their events at reduced prices. For more details, please contact us

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