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The Maritime Legacy of Mr. George Zervos and MMC Holding Group

The tradition of shipbuilding in Croatia traces back centuries, rooted in the country's rich maritime history and strategic location along the Adriatic Sea, hub for maritime trade and naval activities. 

With accommodation for up to 36 discerning Charterers across 18 opulent ensuite cabins, each exuding timeless sophistication and equipped with lavish amenities, she promises an unforgettable voyage of unparalleled refinement and satisfaction.

With a dedicated team of 10 crew members ensuring your comfort and satisfaction, indulge in the ultimate relaxation with daily room service equal to Butler service and plush amenities, such as fresh towel changes and complimentary sundeck towels for your convenience.

Crafting Shipping Principles, trading Magic for the Luxury Seanomads, and Charting a Future of Sustainability.

Since its inception in 1949, MMC Group Holding has been a beacon of maritime heritage and global trade prowess. With a portfolio of 17 entities, MMC intertwines a rich maritime legacy with a modern, innovative approach to global trade, infrastructure development, and expert consultancy. At the heart of MMC’s operations lies the ethos of Efficiency, Liability, and Availability (E.L.A), guiding the group towards unparalleled success. “Our Business, Your Success Story” is not just a slogan but a commitment to empowering partners and ensuring every endeavor with MMC is a testament to growth, innovation, and enduring triumph.


Innovating with CBS Yachts

In its commitment to innovation and meeting the diverse needs of its clientele, MMC has transformed its yachting segment with the introduction of CBS Yachts. This new entity caters to the growing demands of MMC’s in-house clientele and investors, offering comprehensive services across all superyacht facets, including brokerage schemes, charter, and management. CBS Yachts, with a stellar track record and a passion for craftsmanship, provides round-the-clock service, access to a global fleet of over 15,000 yachts, and a dedication to excellence that redefines luxury yachting experiences.

Maritime Representations and Global Reach

MMC’s extensive network includes key maritime representations such as the International Registration Bureau in Lebanon, INSB-Lebanon, the Greek Classification Society, and the International Ships Registry of Guinea Bissau. These affiliations underscore MMC’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in maritime operations, benefiting demographically from the group’s esteemed connections.

A Vision for Sustainability

Paving the Future with Green Projects: In alignment with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) 2030 Blue Economy targets, MMC Holding is steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and decarbonization. The group is spearheading three groundbreaking renewable energy projects: LEMURIA, MINA CANNAN, and AILOUL. These initiatives, developed by Beirut International Marine Industry and Commerce, will significantly contribute to a greener future by addressing the maritime industry’s current environmental challenges.

LEMURIA is an innovative floating energy and transportation infrastructure designed to convert seawater into green hydrogen, providing a sustainable refueling option for next-generation ships. This floating hydrogen station will play a pivotal role in reducing emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, with Phase 1 (FHP-III) set to launch in six months.


MINA CANNAN, a zero-emission telescopic wing sail solar-electric hydrogen catamaran, offers silent and autonomous sailing. Equipped with an advanced marine exploration auto-navigation system, MINA CANNAN is set to revolutionize green yachting in the Mediterranean

AILOUL  introduces a micro-tourism concept featuring eco-friendly fiberglass habitats designed for hut-to-hut experiences along remote coastal and mountain trails. These lightweight, durable structures are tailored for sustainable tourism.

MMC Group Holding, in collaboration with a consortium of green energy and marine engineering experts, is set to launch these transformative projects in Greece, further cementing its role as a pioneer in sustainable maritime innovation.

Charting Success Across Oceans

Project Development: MMC handles project management and development, from infrastructure upgrades to green energy terminals, completing numerous projects across Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq with precision and efficiency.

Commodities Trade: MMC’s affiliated companies bridge the needs of producers and buyers worldwide, coordinating the sale and transportation of goods to ensure seamless international trade operations

Ship Management: GMZ Hellas and GMZ Lebanon offer bespoke ship management services, maintaining a fleet with stringent adherence to international safety and management standards, ensuring client satisfaction and operational excellence.

Sales, Purchase, and Chartering: MMC provides comprehensive shipbroking services, facilitating smooth transactions and offering reliable services to principals looking to sell or purchase vessels.

Flag States and Registries: Operating several open flag registers, MMC provides dedicated support for fleet management, ensuring compliance with international regulations and efficient handling of documentation and crew certifications.

A Vision for the Future

Under the leadership of Mr. George Zervos, MMC Group Holding continues to blend tradition with innovation, charting new courses in the maritime industry. The unwavering commitment to excellence and strategic growth ensures that MMC remains a formidable force in global maritime trade. “Our Business, Your Success Story” encapsulates the ethos of MMC Holding Group – a promise to empower partners to thrive and achieve lasting success in every maritime endeavor. As MMC sails into the future, their legacy of maritime excellence and innovation promises to navigate new horizons and redefine industry standards.

Steering MMC Holding into the Future

Having the privilege of a discussion with Mr. George Zervos we are confident that MMC Holding is making wave in the maritime industry.

Mr. Zervos, MMC Holding has a rich history in maritime and trade. What are the core values that have driven the company’s success over the years?

Our core values, encapsulated in the ethos of Efficiency, Liability, and Availability (E.L.A), have been the backbone of our operations. We believe in providing reliable and efficient services, being accountable to our partners, and always being available to meet their needs. This commitment to excellence has enabled us to build lasting relationships and achieve unparalleled success.

CBS Yachts represents a significant expansion in your yachting segment. What motivated this move, and what can clients expect from CBS Yachts?

The introduction of CBS Yachts was driven by the growing demands of our in-house clientele and investors. We’ve always served UHNWIs being Buyers or Charterers and this inhouse segment had to revolutionize and lead to a new entity dedicated in same services we offered for decades now. We recognized the need for a dedicated entity that could offer comprehensive services in the superyacht sector, including brokerage schemes, charter, and management. Clients can expect unparalleled service, access to a global fleet of over 15,000 yachts, and a commitment to excellence that will redefine their luxury yachting experiences. I personally have handpicked an elite team of luxmaritime brokers to align with our principles over supreme quality service round the clock.

Sustainability is a key focus for MMC Holding. Can you tell us more about your new renewable energy projects, LEMURIA, MINA CANNAN, and AILOUL?

A: Sustainability is at the forefront of our vision for the future. LEMURIA is a floating energy infrastructure designed to convert seawater into green hydrogen, reducing emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. MINA CANNAN is a zero-emission catamaran that offers silent and autonomous sailing, revolutionizing green yachting. AILOUL is an innovative micro-tourism concept featuring eco-friendly habitats for sustainable tourism. These projects reflect our commitment to decarbonization and building a green future.

MMC has a strong presence in various sectors, from ship management to commodities trade. How do you ensure quality and efficiency across such a diverse portfolio?

Our success across diverse sectors is rooted in our adherence to high standards and our commitment to excellence. We have a qualified and dedicated team that ensures transparency, professionalism, and efficiency in all our operations. By maintaining stringent standards and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we are able to deliver exceptional services across our portfolio.

Looking ahead, what are your strategic goals for MMC Holding in the coming years?

Our strategic goals are centered around innovation, sustainability, and global expansion. We aim to continue pioneering sustainable maritime solutions, expanding our global footprint, and enhancing our service offerings to meet the evolving needs of our clients. By staying true to our core values and embracing innovation, we are confident that MMC Holding will continue to thrive and lead in the maritime industry.

Embracing a New Horizon with CBS Yachts

In spite I knew Mr. Zervos since long time ago and been an admirer of the persona, the professionalism, the strong agenda of UHNWIs, a dream now comes true: Joining the CBS Yachts family has been an incredibly inspiring journey. The moment I stepped into this esteemed entity, I was struck by the sheer scale and sophistication of our infrastructure and assets along with a huge back up in the technical management by the shipping company GM HELLAS . The state-of-the-art facilities and the high-caliber team at CBS Yachts are truly a testament to MMC Holding’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

The in-house agenda of investors is a dynamic and ambitious vision that fuels our drive to not just meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients. The synergy between our experienced luxmaritime brokers and the comprehensive services we offer is poised to set new benchmarks in the Superyachting industry. The passion for craftsmanship and the relentless pursuit of perfection are palpable in every project we undertake.

I am deeply impressed by the strategic foresight and the meticulous planning that underpin our operations. The global fleet of over 15,000 yachts available for sale or charter stands as a testament to our extensive reach and our dedication to providing unparalleled service. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation ensures that we are not only keeping pace with the industry but leading it into a new era of eco-friendly luxury yachting.

The vision for CBS Yachts is clear; to dominate the Superyachting industry competitively and to be recognized as the epitome of luxury, excellence, and innovation. The robust support from MMC Group Holding, coupled with our strategic initiatives, positions us perfectly to achieve this goal.

As we chart our course forward, I am filled with optimism and pride. Being part of CBS Yachts means being part of a legacy of maritime excellence and a future brimming with opportunities. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries, set new standards, and redefine what it means to offer the ultimate in luxury yachting experiences. The future with CBS Yachts is not just bright; it is brilliantly promising, and I am honored to be a part of this exciting journey, as an epitome to my career.

Hear from MMC Holding Group

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