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Flying Privately with Beechcraft by Textron Aviation

Sophisticated Business Travel Aviation

Being an on-the-move businessperson with a packed schedule, there is no better way to travel than in the aviation wonder of the business world, the King Air 260 crafted by Textron Aviation. Business leads to travel and travel leads to business, thus making a reliable, comfortable way to travel is perfect for any businessperson.

The Perfect Flight Environment

The King Air 260 offers a clean modern interior and advanced avionics, leading to a sophisticated and safe environment for any passenger. The beautifully crafted leather seats recline and swivel, worktables are perfectly suited for business on the go, and a luxurious space to relax and dine with friends all contribute to this perfection. Up to 9 passengers can comfortably reside within the spaciously designed cabin. These aircraft are a newly designed and upgraded version of the worldu2019s most popular turboprop business aviation experience.

The redesigned cabin offers elegance and simplicity all in one, a modern yet timeless design. Comfort is legendary in King Air turboprop interior designs. With the classic square-oval shape of the interior, and a resculpting of the cabinetry, there is ample room for your head, and for your shoulders to relax. The furnishings are optimally placed, but allow the seats to move along lateral tracts and the work tables to be folded away, all for optimal flexibility. Along with executive seating, the side panels that typically function as cupholders now additionally include a clean redesign with USB charging ports and outlets for any mobile boardroom or family needs.

The Advanced Avionics

The King Air 260 comes equipped with advanced avionic technology to make for a safe and prepared trip. The three cutting-edge touchscreens that support avionic technology aid the use of new standard features such as a multi-scan weather radar for automated scans of the weather in different proximities, graphical flight planning, an integrated terrain awareness warning system, synthetic vision, and digital pressurization.

Any flight is guaranteed to be as safe as possible with the IS&S Thrustsense Autothrottle system to reduce pilot workload for every stage of the flight. This system also features protections in certain scenarios, such as engine overheating and over-torque. There are also standard safeties such as Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance, Automatic Flight Guidance System, dual navigation, and communication radios ready for use.

Textron Aviation Wonders

The Beechcraft King Air 260 is one of many models of aviation wonder that Textron Aviation has created. Along with the King Air series, Textron has created the Baron, Denali, and Bonanza models to further showcase their understanding of craftsmanship and luxury in aviation. Textron Aviation further displays its superiority with the offer of Textron Aviation Service Centers that provide essential maintenance inspections, interior and exterior refurbishment, parts, repairs, avionic modifications, and more. They can offer worldwide part availability services designed to reduce predictable maintenance costs.

The level of care Textron Aviation provides for your aircraft is unbeatable, but their care for sustainability in the aviation industry is just as impressive. Safe, inclusive environments provide employees and customers peace of mind as the communities around Textron Aviation businesses and employees are enhanced.

In motion are plans to reduce their carbon emissions by 50% by 2050 and create carbon-neutral growth from 2020 and beyond, along with an increase in fuel efficiency of 2% per year between 2020 and 2030. Textron Aviation has established enterprise-wide improvement goals to combat greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy and water consumption, and decrease waste generation.

A Simple Way to do Business

Beechcraft by Textron Aviation crafted a beautiful professional environment in the skies with the King Air 260. The incomparable features presented in this brilliant aircraft are essential for businesspeople looking to travel in a helpful and sophisticated manner. The versatility of the King Air 260 is a great investment for any travel scenario. Nothing beats carefully crafted sophistication.


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