Enjoy your flight, not just your destination.

With luxurious vacation locations and business ventures across the globe, travel is an integral part of high-end lifestyles. Many times, scheduling travel is the most stressful part of a trip, especially if you are planning to fly to a new location. However, Globe Air is a different story.

Globe Air is known as Europe’s leading private jet charter for both business and leisure, and for good reason. They are home to the world’s largest fleet of modern Cessna Citation Mustang jets, their personalized processes make for unforgettable experiences that enhance your travel experience, and their high standards of service make for worry-free security. With Globe Air, you can confidently anticipate the same gold standard of service for every flight.

Globe Air provides a number of transportation options, and they are even available to help post-travel concerns like hotel and restaurant bookings. Amongst their all-in-one service options, their standard of small private jets stands out the most. A small private jet is generally considered to suit up to four passengers. This passenger limit may make the jets sound small, but this actually contributes to a more spacious cabin and enhances many of the other luxurious aspects of services. Each of the jet’s interiors have been customized to promote elegance and luxury through hand-stitched details and the finest certified materials. In each flight, you can expect an assortment of organic snacks alongside a variety of chilled beverages, including Champaign, premium wine, and beers. The services in each Globe Air flight are also customizable, allowing you to order additional catering for your flight.

Globe Air is no stranger to the world of luxury. With over 12 years of experience serving professional athletes, diplomats, corporate officials, and many other high-end personnel, Globe Air has refined their services to be the sharpest in Europe. To start, they make booking simple and have organized their services in a way that makes their prices reasonable. You need only know where you would like to depart from, where you are going, and/or what time you would like to depart. For specific trips, it is generally recommended to have all of this information in order, but for leisurely adventures, the booking site may encourage you to visit new locations.

Let’s say you only have a location you would like to depart from and a date you would like to depart on. Once you enter that information into the Globe Air booking center it will provide you with a number of private jet charters to stunning locations throughout Europe. Globe Air is certified to land and depart from 984 different destinations, that’s 90% of European airports, and that number is expected to grow with their award-winning service and reputation growth. These locations include some amazing places, like Ibiza, Figari, Olbia, Zurich, Barcelona, and hundreds of other stunning locations. Once you plug in your departure date and location, you can choose from their wide variety of destinations. It is the perfect way to schedule a new and unexpected get-away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you aren’t afraid of a little spontaneity, Globe Air’s private jet offers can get even more impressive. At Globe Air, there is a booking option known as “empty legs”. These are private jet flights that are without passengers but need to reposition themselves between airports. Since they will be flying in their set direction anyway, these flights can be booked at an exclusive discount of up to 90% off. Every single luxury aspect of service is maintained, but this offer allows for some adventurous travel choices and saves you money. Opportunities to book these flights change hourly and they get cheaper as flights get closer to their departure date. The prices are lowest two days before departure to the preset location, so if you are looking for a spontaneous luxury adventure then Globe Air has your answer.

Regardless of if you have scheduled a specific charter or you have scheduled an “empty leg”, you can expect amazing service from the Globe Air team. You can book a Globe Air flight in less than a minute online or from their mobile site. If you have any questions or concerns about booking your flight, you need not worry. Globe Air has 24/7 live customer service that can be reached by email, phone, WhatsApp, or social media. The Customer Care Team at Globe Air is also multilingual, so you can comfortably discuss your flight in your native tongue.

Once your flight is fully booked you can begin to enjoy the efficient and discrete process of boarding Globe Air’s private jet charters. One of the major perks of flying on a small private jet is privacy. You need not travel through an airport and risk being bothered by paparazzi, fans, or any other unwelcome company. Instead, you can head right out to your private charter where boarding time is normally 15 minutes or less and there are no liquid restrictions or complicated boarding procedures for guests. This privilege saves you precious time that you can spend relaxing in a VIP lounge or focusing on work.

The quick boarding time and privacy of flying on a Globe Air private jet charter also contributes to the high safety standards upheld by the company. With over 60,000 hours of accident-free flight, strict standard operating procedures, and the mandatory annual retesting of pilots on a yearly basis Globe Air is one of the safest private flight operators in the world. Their accomplishments in safety have even been recognized and given the Silver Safety of Flight award by the European Business Aviation Association.

Personal safety on these private flights also extends to the health of passengers in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic. When it started, planes were considered to be one of the most unsafe areas in regards to infection concerns, but Globe Air is the complete opposite. Cabin air filtration guarantees a continuous flow of fresh air to prevent pathogens from spreading. The entire crew is also trained on COVID-19 safety procedures and acts in accordance to protect the health of passengers. Every single flight is also deep cleaned between flights to ensure that every passenger is as safe as possible, not to mention, you will never have to travel through a congested airport with high risks of pathogenic transfer.

Once you are secure and comfortably boarded on your flight, you can kick back and enjoy the outstanding concierge services that are provided to every Globe Air private jet charter customer. Your every need is taken into consideration by Globe Air, and the small size of their private jets allows for undivided attention and customizations. Every jet has space for ski storage, golf bag extensions, and luggage space you can embrace every adventure fully prepared. You may even bring your pet with you for the flight and keep them in the cabin with you, a luxury that not all private jet charters are willing to offer.

The internal layout of Global Air’s fleet is great for casual groups or business partners. The four seats in the cabin face each other allowing for easy conversation over a glass of wine or a presentation. Power supplies are also available in every aircraft to ensure that business professionals can comfortably tend to their work even as they travel. Many corporate professionals also benefit from Globe Air’s flexibility. Since Globe Air’s private fleet is not held to the same restrictions and clearances as public fleets and other jets controlled by large corporations, they can make changes in flight schedules as needed. Last-minute business meetings can be managed in a matter of minutes and flights can be scheduled as little as 48 hours in advance, making Globe Air private jet charters an experienced business professionals’ most powerful partner.

The Globe Air concierge services can even go as far as planning every step of your journey outside of the flight as well. Their exclusive partnerships and extensive insight to the world of luxury travel have made them the ideal connections for booking unforgettable trips. Private shopping experiences, luxury yachting charters, private lodges, champagne tastings in France, and private tours are all within reach through the services of Globe Air. Everything down to ground transportation, courtesy cars, and helicopter transfers can be scheduled to be present at your arrival to ensure a seamless travel process. When you travel with Globe Air, you can put all of your trust in their hands and be sure that they will exceed your expectations in every way.

If you are interested in experiencing the most luxurious, efficient, and secure private jet charters in Europe, then we would be happy to help. You can contact us and we would be happy to organize a charter with Globe Air on your behalf and negotiate a discounted rate. You can also reach out to Globe Air directly to schedule a charter, and be sure to mention that you first learned of them through Par Excellence to receive an exclusive discount. Make your next flight an extension of the luxurious experience that awaits you at hundreds of locations across Europe with the award-winning flight and concierge services of Globe Air.

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