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Find the residence or your dreams, experience the service you deserve and enjoy a life of true luxury.

Luxury is more than a mindset or a purchase, it is an entire lifestyle. We strive to support you in achieving your ideal of luxurious living while minimizing your worries, which is why Par Excellence partnered with Carlton International.

Carlton International is an outstanding company that upholds the standards of modern luxury in the realm of international property management. Their extensive experience in locating, curating, renting, and renovating stunning homes and villas is exclusive to high and ultra-high net worth individuals. This specialization makes Carlton overqualified to assist you with whatever property management needs you may have.

When you consider renting an exclusive villa or purchasing an estate, what do you take into consideration? Is it contemporary architecture, authenticity, heritage, security, uniqueness? Let your mind paint a picture of that perfect getaway, where you could envelop yourself in the true meaning of luxury living. With connections to stunning landscapes and awe-inspiring estates across the globe, Carlton International can find that dream house you just imagined.

Let’s start by diving into Carlton International’s rental-based properties, for a customizable luxury escape from everyday life. Whether you are traveling for a holiday or you are looking to enjoy a long-term rental, Carlton’s wide array of properties have you covered. These properties range in size, style, and location, so you can find your perfect getaway. Carlton International is globally recognized for their villa rentals due to the outstanding quality of their services and their highly sought-after locations. Every type of scenery, from oceanfront views to snow-capped ski mountains, and rustic countryside’s can be enjoyed through a Carlton international luxury rental villa. Most popular are their villa rentals on the French Riviera. The incomparable views from these locations are highlighted by the exclusive and rich community in which they are located. With the click of a button, you can search hundreds of luxury rental options that are sure to provide you with an experience you won’t forget.

If you fall in love with Carlton International’s outstanding service and beautiful locations, you can make your luxury vacation a more permanent experience. Villas, homes, private estates, and more are all professionally reviewed and curated to help you find the permanent residence you have always dreamed of. Factors like distance from local towns, security, and recreational spaces are all taken into consideration for your benefit. If you find a residence you like, but it is not perfectly suited to your taste, you need not worry. Carlton International is also capable of facilitating professional renovations intended to turn any space into your ideal luxury living location. When you gaze through their available properties you will be greeted by stunning architecture and unique views from places like Ibiza, the Greek Islands, Corsica, the Caribbean, the French Riviera, and many other unique locations that are known for luxury living. With professional luxury real estate agents constantly searching for new and exclusive properties, you can always count on being amazed by their selection of properties.

Carlton International has another unique service that makes it stand out from other luxury real estate and rental companies. Through them, you can find amazing opportunities to invest in the highest quality properties as a way of both enjoying the lifestyle of wealth while generating even more wealth. Hotels, rental properties, and even hotel restaurant combination properties are available for purchase. Each of which has their own unique charm and an exclusive luxury feel that makes them a valuable asset for wealthy investors. As a bonus, Carlton also has professionals who aid in the management and securement of these investment properties for your benefit.

Perhaps your taste in property is too unique or specific for their pre-existing luxury homes. In such a case Carlton International can still make your dream life a reality through the purchase of a perfectly placed plot of land. Their intimate knowledge of the French Riviera and other ideal locations allows them to provide you with the perfect place to build your dream home. Normally, building a home from the ground up would be a tedious and even stressful experience to oversee. However, Carlton International’s intuitive and professionally trained staff make this process smooth and free of concern. It all starts through the creation of a personalized portfolio presentation that clearly depicts every detail of your requirements for the construction of your future home. Your team of Carlton International professional real estate consultants will be specialized in the luxury sector, which guarantees a thorough understanding of high-end clients and gives the team natural insight into your wants and respective lifestyle needs.

Once your every need is evaluated and a complimentary design plan is established, the construction of your dream home becomes a relatively hands-off process. Carlton International’s connections and teams of seasoned landscapers, designers, renovators, and reliable construction connections take on the rest of the work while you can sit back and relax. In no time, your dream home can become a reality, but the high-quality service doesn’t stop there. Carlton International also offers property management services to all of the properties they design, rent, or sell.

Spending time in a luxury home is a wonderful experience, but Carlton understands that its clients can not experience true luxury until they are freed of all work demands related to their living environment. With a guiding principle of treating clients like their own, Carlton created an investment and property management department known as Carlton Signature. With the assistance of this department, you will be freed from all concerns related to your property. A professionally supervised team is available to serve your every need and orchestrates the scheduling of events to protect your privacy while maintaining the immaculate state of your property. These services are intended to attend to your every need, from general house maintenance to the scheduling of massages. There is even a preventative and emergency maintenance care team prepared to mitigate any issues that can arise. With Carlton Signature, you can experience the elusive feeling of luxury living without a single concern.

You can contact Carlton International for personalized assistance in locating your ideal residence to directly speak with one of their experienced associates, but we would also be delighted to facilitate your interaction. Our partnership with Carlton gives us the privilege of negotiating exclusive deals for our clients, deals that can not be found anywhere else. If you call Carlton International directly, be sure to let them know that you learned of their services through Par Excellence so you can secure a respectable discount. You deserve to enjoy the luxury residence of your dreams and we are honored to assist you in reaching that goal.

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