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Hire a security team that’s experienced in your particular kind of event.

Event Security is a hot-button issue for everyone these days. The first family, the royal family, heck, even your own family has no doubt been touched by security concerns at home, school, work or on the road. Event marketers are no exception. From red carpet affairs to yacht shows, having the proper security measures in place can ease the minds of attendees, exhibitors, speakers and celebrity guests, and even reduce insurance costs.

Does Your Event Need a Security Team?

You might think that because your event is small, there’s no need for security. However, there are so many things that an event security team will deal with; they’re not just there if the worst happens.

From a thorough risk assessment of your event to controlling access, quite often just the subtle presence of a security team can put attendees at ease and prevent problems occurring. You have so many other things to think about when you’re planning an event, so the added peace of mind of having a specialist security team is worth its weight in gold.


When prospective clients decide to host a privateparty, some of the key concerns should be a detailed guest list, guest safety, property protectionand liabilities. Our supervisors will meet with you and conduct a perimeter inspection. This assessmentwill be crucial to ensure that your party orspecial event will have adequate protection andsafety to all in attendance.


Auctions provides the unique opportunity to easilyselect paintings, drawings, prints, antiques,jewelry, sculptures and bronzes. Security at suchan event must be effective and discreet. Attendeesshould not be distracted by or feel anxiousabout overly-intrusive security measures. Afterall, they’re here to enjoy the exhibition. Armedguards in every corner and metal detectors atevery door are not something that guests would warm to. On the other hand,noticeable security is a visible and necessarydeterrent to potential criminals.

Finding the rightbalance is key!

Watches and jewelry – especially the high-enditems–carry great personal significance for customersand guests. They need to be able to getto learn more about these beautiful products inan atmosphere that is secure but never intimidating.The mood should be festive, but we neverrelax when it comes to security. Getting this balanceright is not a simple task.


Every incident is the result of a series of events.Incidents of violence are extremely unpleasant for customers.The vast majority of customers come out to enjoy a good time.Some customers, however, have unreasonable expectations of the service. For example they may expect to get straight into a venue without queuing. When they find they have to queue, they become frustrated. The situation will get worse if their expectations are not managed properly.Conflict management is about managing this and many other „every day‟ situations.

Conflict management is a problem-solving approach to dealing with difficult situations. Our Door Supervisors can recognize the signs of potential risk and conflict before they become a real threat, so that they are able to respond in a way which will prevent the situation to escalate. They are proactive by preparing themselves to deal with any conflict situations that may happen at your venue. A Door Supervisor who can do all his, greatly reduces the risks in the job. Reducing the risks benefits both the Door Supervisor and the venue, and ensures that the customers can enjoy a safe night out.

Good communication skills are essential in defusing conflict and aggression. However, Door Supervisor can be more vulnerable when he under estimate or do not realize the threat presented by the situation.

As a Door Supervisor sometimes it is impossible to completely avoid conflict and aggression so it is vital for us that our Door Supervisors understand how to deal with it when it happens.

Our security professionals tend to respond quickly to high-risk situations where the threat is obvious.

You should follow these tips from Caroline,

If you wish to hire event security teams that will help you to keep your event safe and secure;

 Better Guest Service with Event Security on Hand

When I bring up the issue of event security with my event management clients, they can get nervous. Sometimes resistant. “Security” brings to mind news headlines and politicized events that require specialized protection. But event security is actually a standard resource to consider and arrange for many kinds events.

I think of event security like event insurance. We assume we won’t have to use it and we typically don’t. But if we need to call upon it, specialized help can prove invaluable.

If we’re managing a high-profile event—large crowds, noteworthy guests or speakers, possible political ramifications, etc.—there is no question about hiring security. We hire a top-notch security team, experienced in the kind of event we’re running. They’re an integral part of planning and running the event, just like our caterers, AV specialists, and administrative team.

But what about less contentious events—a big award celebration, product introduction, or retirement party? I often suggest clients consider security for these too.  A security team isn’t just about protection. A security team can help make sure the event goes according to plan. These professionals help keep you aware of crowd levels, who is coming in or out, and spot potential problems before they occur.

Let’s say you’re hosting a big sales award ceremony at a swanky venue. You might get gate-crashers (“hey look, free food and booze. Cool!”) or a guest who becomes unruly after too many celebratory drinks. Security professionals are masters at dealing with disturbances like these quietly and discretely. The guests might never know there was a confrontation at the door or that a sales rep who really likes bourbon had to be encouraged to get some fresh air.

“But won’t having security on hand make my guests nervous?” you say. On the contrary. At some events, having a visible security presence makes guests feel they’re being taken care of. It can be reassuring. But if evident signs of security will mar the festivities, we work to make them less visible. You might never know they’re there, until you need them.

 Who You Gonna Call?

An event security team isn’t just a physical presence at event, it also offers peace of mind to you, your guests, and your event team. You’ll have professionals on hand who are adept in handling a variety of situations that might not be in your wheelhouse — altercations, crowd flow challenges, an unexpected fire drill. When you arrange your event insurance, consider adding event security as another standard measure of insurance.

Like any insurance, getting the best fit for the requirement is key. Hire a security team that’s experienced in your particular kind of event. A team specializing in rock concerts and sporting events might not be the best choice for a corporate shareholder meeting — or it could be just the ticket!

Check the security firm’s references and make sure their staff is skilled not just in providing security, but also in standard team skills: planning, communicating, and collaborating. Security professionals must be able to partner effectively with the rest of your event team, the event venue, and a variety of resources and personalities.

Once hired, include the security team in planning activities and visit the venue with them well in advance of the event. My brother, Oliver Kay, Security Consultant and a Military Intelligence Officer in the US Army Reserves, stresses the importance of advance planning, especially in the site inspection. “Reconnaissance of the location, plus the primary, secondary, and tertiary routes to and from the venue is important. The security team can use their expertise to identify gaps in planning or anything that could be a risk or threat.”

Make sure the security team is familiar with the event agenda, speakers, intended guests, VIPs, and overall flow of event. “We often suggest dry runs with our clients,” says Oliver, “as event timelines can be critical for security and smooth flow of the event.”

Work with your security team to get the right balance between number of guests and security professionals. A large security team for a small event is overkill. Too few security pros on hand and you defeat the point of hiring them. Ask your security team for guidance on the number of security professionals to have on hand, based on the size and nature of the event and the venue.

A skilled security team will be willing to work long hours, just like you and the rest of your event team. They’ll be prepared for the unexpected, just like you. My brother’s motto is: “Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

That’s a great motto for all aspects of event management. Which is why it’s so critical that event managers partner well with their security team. Together, we all “plan for the worst, expect the best.” That way, I find that the best is almost always what happens.”

Caroline Kay

C.KAY International

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