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Antarctica is one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to go there. The cost of a trip to Antarctica is extremely high. It’s also very difficult to find information about what cruises work best for you in terms of budget, itinerary, or even if they’re still operating at all. We’ve done the research for you. Our blog post will help you sort through everything so that you can easily choose the Best Luxury Antarctica Cruises available.

What Is A Luxury Antarctica Cruise And Why Should You Choose One

Ever heard of Antarctica? It’s the world’s fifth-largest continent and is also home to over 4,000 species of animals.

If you are a traveler who wants to experience the last frontier on earth, then a luxury Antarctica cruise might be right for you. There is no better way of getting acquainted with this remote and peculiar continent than an Antarctica luxury cruise.

One of the most popular destinations in the world, Antarctica offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration and adventure. It is home to some of the world’s harshest environments—from frozen plains to ethereal ice shelves—which means that travelers will always have something new to see and do when they visit this destination.

And if it’s not enough that Antarctica has fascinating landscapes, impressive wildlife populations, vast summer days, and 24-hour sunshine during its summers (the only place on earth where this occurs).

The Best Luxury Antarctica Cruises On The Market

Antarctica is the last frontier and a true bucket-list destination. The vast, untouched landscape is an explorer’s dream come true and it will be hard to leave this slice of paradise behind! There are many cruise options for Antarctica with different itineraries, but if you want to see as much of the continent as possible in one trip, then look no further than these luxury cruises to Antarctica:

#1 Silversea – Silver Cloud

You are in for an unforgettable voyage with Silversea‘s newest fleet addition. The Silver Explorer, the first ice-strengthened expedition ship to cruise Antarctica, will be joined by its sister vessel, the newly converted Silver Cloud. She promises to take you on a journey through some of Earth’s most remote and untouched landscapes.

The Silversea all-inclusive proposition ensures you experience a luxurious, worry-free trip. Most cruises depart from Ushuaia, and only the best are chosen to work for Silverseas‘ chartered air connection service between Buenos Aires or Santiago.






#2 Crystal – Crystal Endeavor

The Crystal Endeavor is the latest adventure from one of the most luxurious cruise lines in operation today. The ship can support up to 200 passengers but offers a remarkable 100 square-foot per passenger ratio as well! With an expert crew who knows how to handle polar expeditions and get you back home safely, this might be your next expedition venture.

The world of travel opens up when adventurers step aboard their very own luxury exploration vessel: Crystal‘s brand new flagship – the beautiful yet powerful “Endeavor.” At 1/1 staff-to-passenger level, with exquisitely high space ratios at 100 sqft./person (very spacious). Only those brave enough for exploratory missions will take part in life on board.

With so many dining options in this Antarctica cruise, like the famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Umi Uma and Sushi Bar, and Waterside restaurant, you will have a fantastic experience. The top of this boat features a two-story glass-enclosed Solarium that allows passengers to enjoy views regardless of what the weather is like.






#3 Seabourn

Picture this: whale-watching, eating superstar chef Thomas Keller’s lobster thermidor, and having a poker game – all in the same day. Such benefits are a must on an all-inclusive Seabourn Quest Antarctica adventure. Serving about 425 passengers throughout the polar season, Quest offers all of Seabourn‘s upscale amenities, including:

  • Complimentary caviar
  • 2 Swimming pools
  • 6 Outdoor whirlpools
  • Fitness center with yoga
  • Pilates and stretch classes
  • Relaxing spa
  • Entertaining casino






#4 Lindblad Expeditions – National Geographic Endurance

The National Geographic Endurance is the first new ship for Lindblad Expeditions made since 1969. It has a Polar Code 5 ice-class hull and a revolutionary bow called an X-Bow that can hold 126 passengers in balcony and ocean-view balcony rooms. The National Geographic Endurance was built to explore this century.






#5 Hurtigruten – Fridtjof Nansen

Hurtigruten has more than 100 years of experience running the famous Norwegian Coastal Voyage, carrying equipment, mail and people along the Norwegian coast from Bergen every day all year round. It’s definitely one of the best luxury Antarctica cruises to try out.

Hurtigruten‘s latest ship, the Fridtjof Nansen, is a 530-passenger polar expedition vessel. The hybrid battery propulsion allows for reduced emissions levels. There are plenty of other environmentally friendly features on board to make sure people have an enjoyable experience. Plus, dedicated open deck spaces with ample opportunity to see the bow from different angles when exploring those regions.






#6 Ponant – Explorer Class

Ponant, a French company with over 30 years of experience providing cruises to remote destinations, brings us the Explorer Class as their newest product.

Every inch of the Explorer Class is designed to meet your needs and expectations, all in a sleek and chic manner. The boat boasts ice-strengthened hulls along with multiple dining venues, so you never have to wait long before being served again! Luxurious spas are on board, too – just what we need after sitting through those lectures or kayaking across waters untouched by man’s hand! With 188 passengers, there’s plenty of space on board as well; perfect if you want some time alone without worrying about inconveniencing others.

The new Ponant Explorer Class offers everything that Jacques Cartier would’ve wanted: flair, luxury, and adventure combined into one elegant package.






#7 Quark Expeditions

Polar exploration has never been so accessible, with Quark‘s expertise specifically focused on Arctic and Antarctica cruises. With various vessels at different price points to choose from, you have quite the choice in itineraries, including your chance for sailing as far south into Antarctica (66 degrees 33), where few travelers can go.

Quark has several sailings with included opportunities for camping, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. If you’re not looking to experience the potentially bumpy journey across the Drake Passage, then flying from Punta Arenas may be your best option. However, keep in mind that there is an increased chance of adverse weather conditions this way.






#8 Abercrombie & Kent

Renowned for its expertise and experience, luxury tour operator Abercrombie & Kent has operated over 200 polar sails in more than 2 decades. With just 199 passengers on board the stunningly sleek ice-class ship, and chic interior design, all cruisers can easily participate in every excursion.

Abercrombie & Kent Antarctica sail also adds a pre-cruise one-night stay at quality hotels and round-trip charter flights to Buenos Aires. It departs from Ushuaia, Argentina, an embarkation port while being disbarked during their return flight back home after completing this magnificent voyage of exploration.






#9 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

For decades, Hapag-Lloyd‘s Hanseatic was the only luxury cruise operator in Antarctica. Capable of enduring all four seasons there to provide a five-star experience for passengers through an exclusive Berlitz rating system and much loved by many travelers worldwide.

In 2015 two new ships came into service – Hanseatic Nature and Inspiration bringing first-class living quarters with tasteful décor that will help you see more of this beautiful region than ever before.

To get the most out of probably one of the best Antarctica cruises, you need high levels of expertise from the operator. That expertise covers the following 3 points:

  • Safety
  • Efficient and fast operation for landings and zodiac excursions
  • Outstanding team of experts, guides, naturalists, and expedition leaders

Hapag-Lloyd has rightly achieved a prestigious status and reputation amongst experts and customers alike and will ensure an extraordinary Antarctica experience as regular visitors to the area.






#10 Aurora Expeditions

Aurora Expeditions are a company that has been operating in Antarctica since 1991. The focus of their tours is on immersive experiences and not just luxury onboard the ship. They offer an exciting range of activities, including trekking, camping, scuba diving, sea kayaking – even snowshoeing. We are thrilled about Aurora‘s new ship.

The revolutionary design offers smoother sailing Antarctica cruises experiences for all passengers aboard the ships with reduced noise and vibrations as well as decreased emissions from burning fuel oil that would otherwise contribute enormous levels of pollution into our earth’s atmosphere every time these vessels take off on their journeys around the globe.






#11 Scenic – Scenic Eclipse

The Scenic Eclipse has been launched as the world’s first all-inclusive luxury expedition cruise ship that is perfect for everyone. Its 200 passenger capacity means it can take groups of friends, families, and couples who are looking to explore Polar Regions with ease. With 10 dining options onboard, there will never be a boring mealtime.

The vessel also provides luxurious accommodation in its suite rooms with verandas overlooking beautiful views and plunge pools, so you don’t need to ever go off your deck if you want fresh air swimming laps indoors or enjoy some pilates classes while onboard – not forgetting TVs and pillows menus too.

Passengers explore the region in custom-made Zodiacs and kayaks. There is also complimentarily snowshoeing for those who want a more leisurely pace or avoid some of the terrain’s rougher patches. Scenic Eclipse ups its expedition ante by offering two seven-seat helicopters, as well as their newest addition, an underwater submarine that allows guests to experience what it’s like below sea level without having to go scuba diving.

All passengers receive free parkas and beanies with each stay along with boots they can borrow during their time at Scenic Eclipse Antarctica cruises. Passengers venture off-ship twice daily (weather permitting) on scenic excursions into Patagonian wildernesses aboard custom-designed zodiac boats.

$14,738 $25,123

#12 Oceanwide Expeditions – Janssonius

Janssonius is the most state-of-the-art ice-strengthened cruise ship in the Polar Regions. The Janssonius exceeds not only IMO’s Polar Code, but it also surpasses any standards you can imagine for a cruising vessel. You will first experience what it’s like to be on an exploratory voyage with our first-hand contact with both the Arctic and Antarctica.

The masterfully designed Janssonius offers a relaxed yet luxurious ambiance. With an optimal capacity of 176 guests and ample public areas for observation, the ship smoothly navigates polar waters to provide unbeatable views any time of day. Whether you get some fresh air on its outdoor viewing decks or opt for more private indoor rooms with large windows overlooking the horizon.

From the innovative yet comfortable layout of this ship to its medical assistance and extravagant bars for guests’ enjoyment, Janssonius is a floating paradise that will exceed your expectations.






#13 – Hebridean Sky

Hebridean Sky is an exclusive expedition vessel that was built in 1992 and refurbished in 2005. In 2016, the ship underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation to transform it into one of the finest small ships around. The Hebridean Sky offers adventurers who want Antarctica cruises, all they need for their trip with public areas like “The Club” lounge, Library, outdoor cafe area complete with wraparound deck space as well as medical clinic facilities on board.

Polar Latitudes_Library _5_.jpg

The ship has a fleet of 10 Zodiac boats. Suites in all eight categories are spacious, with premium appointments throughout. Each Suite features a sitting area, a private bathroom, and two twin beds that can be joined to form one queen-size bed upon request. Several suites also include an individual balcony for your viewing pleasure!






#14 – Seaventure

The Seaventure has a 1-A Super ice-class rating. This Antarctica cruise offers a host of new activities for its guests. There’s a sauna, fitness center, custom-built citizen science lab, and heated saltwater pool for those looking to relax at the end of an adventurous day with friends or family members. With more storage space available on board, this means we can now carry more equipment so that fewer people have to miss out when it comes time for kayaking excursions or snowshoeing trips in the great outdoors.

The common areas are larger than ever before, meaning our al fresco dining options will be better than you could imagine; two kitchens, one on the Lido deck, enable us to serve up food fresh from land under clear blue skies no matter what season!






#15 – Ocean Adventurer

The new and improved Ocean Adventurer is the perfect Antarctica cruise for those looking to explore the world’s most remote corners. Originally built in Yugoslavia, this elegant ship has become a passenger favorite over the years, with its latest rounds of refurbishments adding even more luxury.

With 132 guests able to travel comfortably aboard, you’ll be sure to find your spot on deck as the Ocean Adventurer sets sail into polar waters! You’ll have all the luxuries that come from traveling at sea without having any worries about rough seas or storms getting in your way.






Things To Know Before Booking Your Own Luxurious Antarctica Cruise

As you can imagine, Antarctica is one of the most remote and isolated places on earth. It’s a place where few people have ever been, let alone stayed for an extended period of time. Therefore it has some unique challenges that must be taken into consideration before booking your own luxury cruise there.

Here are some things to consider before booking the trip:

  • Define the size of your group and what amenities you want; it’s important to know that not all luxury cruises include private rooms for each traveler.
  • It’s worth looking into how much food will be included in your package because this can vary from cruise to cruise.
  • Make sure you know what activities are offered on board so that if any appeal to you, they’ll be part of your travel itinerary when choosing between packages.

Bottom Line

There are many options for luxury Antarctica cruises, but not all of them will be the best fit for you. We’ve outlined some of the most popular choices so that you can make an informed decision about which cruise is right for your next trip to this beautiful destination.

Whether you want a more in-depth exploration of scientific research and wildlife preservation efforts by taking one of these top Antarctica cruises or just want to relax on a luxurious ship with plenty to do while traveling from port to port, we listed perfect options for everyone. Which did you think was the best? Let us know in the comments!

FAQs About The Best Luxury Antarctica Cruises

When should I take my trip?

As with any destination, there are pros and cons to traveling at different times of the year. The summer months (November-March) offer 24 hours of daylight as well as more wildlife sightings than other seasons. However, these same months can be quite cold during the day and night with temperatures reaching -20°C (-4°F). Conversely, winter offers less daylight but many days have mild weather that is conducive to outdoor activities like scenic flights or whale watching tours.

What are the different types of Antarctica cruises?

There are three types of Antarctica cruises: luxury, expedition, and adventure. Luxury cruises offer a more posh experience with amenities such as spas, golf courses, wineries, and restaurants. Expedition cruises provide travelers with a more rugged experience that includes camping onshore or in tents aboard the ship. Adventure tours include kayaking to explore glaciers or sailing to view icebergs up close.

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