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The best golf courses in Europe are not found where you might think. You will find the best golf resorts and golf courses in Europe when you head to Southern France, Portugal, Ireland, or Eastern Spain. These regions offer some of the most beautiful backdrops for a round of golf that you can imagine. In this article, we will provide descriptions and rankings of five different luxury golf resorts in Europe so that you can pick which one is right for your visiting this year!

#1 Quinta Do Lago (Portugal)

This place is the only one on Earth that offers panoramic views of both sunrise and sunset. A resort in Portugal, Quinta Do Lago, has been ranked as one of Europe’s best by TripAdvisor users. It boasts a picturesque landscape with lush greenery framed against the azure ocean waters below for miles to create an atmospheric backdrop where guests can find peace from their daily lives. The hotel manages this feat without sacrificing luxuries like spa treatments or golf courses- it’s what makes Quinta do Lago such an ideal destination!

  • Top-rated hotel by TripAdvisor
  • Beautiful views of sunrise and sunset possible
  • Play golf and enjoy spa treatments
  • VIP service

#2 Praia D’El Rey (Portugal)

Praia D’El Rey is a charming resort located in the beauty of Portugal. With four-star accommodations and more than 27 holes for golfers to enjoy, this place offers an escape from daily life that will have you wanting to come back again and again.

The golf resort offers an opportunity to really explore Portugal in every direction. Two courses are available at this facility: one designed for beginners or those who want less challenge while still experiencing genuine European play; and the other course provides more experienced players with their choice between six unique holes on each nine-hole layout, providing them challenges such as water hazards, trees guarding fairways, bunkering around green sides – even railroad ties lining some tees!

  • Gorgeous resort with a fantastic golf course
  • Immerse yourself in Portugal’s culture with the country’s friendliest people
  • Live like royalty at Praia D’El Rey
  • Get the best sleep of your life while exploring Portugal

#3 Costa Navarino (Greece)

The Costa Navarino is a popular resort on the Mediterranean Sea. It offers luxurious amenities such as golf courses, beaches, and spas to tourists from all over Europe and the world. Since it’s in Greece, there are many historical sites and plenty for more modern visitors who like water sports or want to explore culture through culinary delights!

  • Explore Greece’s rich history
  • Stay close to the beach
  • Compliment your golf game with a rejuvenating spa treatment
  • Kick back and enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine all year round

#4 Finca Cortesin Golf Club (Spain)

The Finca Cortesin Golf Club is a celebrated golf course located in Spain. The championship-level 18 hole, par 72 layout features an expansive and challenging 6,798 yards that test every golfer’s skills to their limits with five sets of tees for all abilities.

Players will enjoy playing alongside one another on these fairways while admiring the views from any settee they choose as well as enjoying unparalleled service at each tee box and green. Furthermore, the golf resort includes food & beverage amenities available throughout your round; complimentary pull carts or caddies (subject to availability); free WiFi access so you can stay updated with work emails during your break time.

  • Enjoy a well-earned lunch after a round of golf
  • Take advantage of the beautifully scenic course
  • Work your way through 18 holes, with five sets for all abilities
  • Tackle challenging fairways without worry about losing ground to other players

#5 Rockliffe Hall Hotel Golf & Spa (England)

Rockcliffe Hall is a luxury hotel with stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and an impressive spa. It has been renovated to include more amenities like two golf courses; one designed for beginners while another offers challenging holes through natural woodland settings as well as grassy fairways and lush green slopes perfect for international competitions.

There are excellent facilities at this location, including restaurants serving British cuisine alongside dishes from around the world! Let Rockcliffe Resort be your destination travel spot when you visit England or need a quick getaway!

  • Get away from the mundane and enjoy a quiet stay in luxurious surroundings
  • Choose between two golf courses to play, one for beginners/all levels
  • There are many different restaurants to please everyone’s tastes!
  • Need a getaway? Rockcliffe Hall is an excellent choice with beautiful gardens

#6 Terre Blanche (France)

Housed in a picturesque, tranquil part of the French countryside and situated on more than 200 acres with an 18-hole golf course, Terre Blanche Golf Resort is perfect for all levels. The lush green spaces that surround this resort are enough to put anyone at ease as they enjoy themselves here. There’s plenty of activities for guests who want to get involved, from spas to pools and tennis courts.

  • Located on 200 acres of space
  • Spacious 18 hole golf course
  • Lush green spaces and accommodations for every level/style
  • Spas, pools, tennis, and tons of activities to enjoy

#7 Golf du Touquet (France)

Golf du Touquet is a place for some of the world’s most famous golf players to compete. This high-class course has been around since 1904, and it still maintains its charm today with lush fairways, water hazards, sand traps on every hole, and beautiful views overlooking the coastline. In addition to immaculate greens that allow you to get out of trouble or succeed.

  • The world’s most elite golfers have come to compete at this high-class course
  • You can enjoy the lush fairways, waterways, & natural landscape all while enjoying luxurious accommodations and scenic views in a French golf resort
  • The players are drawn by the quality of the Golf du Touquet stunning course, which features a classic design with many challenging features

#8 Golf du Médoc (France)

The Golf du Médoc is a beautiful and serene golf resort set in France. The landscape has views that stretch for miles throughout the vineyards and forests nearby. With an 18-hole championship course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., this facility offers unparalleled exclusivity with pristine conditions year-round to challenge any golfer’s skills.

  • Play at a prestigious golf resort with impeccable conditions
  • Test your golf skills on an 18-hole championship course
  • Get to be outside while enjoying the beauty of France

#9 Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort (Ireland)

Waterford Castle is a popular destination for travelers seeking to escape the modern-day urban jungle and enjoy their vacation in more scenic, historic surroundings. The hotel has been renovated with luxury guest rooms tastefully decorated in Irish art from past centuries. If you’re looking for some time away from your busy life back home, then Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort just might be what you need!

  • Take the hassle out of your vacation planning with an all-inclusive resort
  • Enjoy spectacular views overlooking the Irish countryside
  • Savor luxurious accommodations in a historic setting
  • Explore 310 acres of natural parkland for outdoor recreation

#10 Scandinavian Golf Club (Denmark)

The Scandinavian Golf Club is the perfect place to meet with friends for a round of 18 holes. The course has been carefully designed by architects who have made sure that even beginners can enjoy playing on it, as well as seasoned pros.

The Scandinavia Golf Club is a private club in Denmark created to spend time with your pals and play some rounds while also enjoying an incredible view from the clubhouse windows or outside terrace bar area. Architecturally speaking, this pristine Danish land has something very unique: its own type of sand-based turfgrass.

Plus, the clubhouse offers members many amenities such as an outdoor pool with sundeck, tennis courts, fitness center equipment suite (and even indoor spa), restaurant/bar lounge area, and more!

  • The course has been specially created to be fun for all levels of players
  • You can enjoy a scenic view as you play the course, not just from inside the clubhouse but also while playing outside on the terrace/grass area
  • It offers private memberships so that you have fewer people in your way and more time to practice
  • This Danish Golf Resort is like nowhere else

#11 Monte Rei Golf & Country Club (Portugal)

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club is the perfect place for those looking to enjoy a wide range of activities. We’re told that they have incredible scenery and beautiful views, as well as great golf courses where you can play year-round.

We were also informed by colleagues who have visited before that Monte Rei offers excellent food from an award-winning restaurant, making your experience even more memorable. There’s something there for everyone at this resort.

  • Incredible scenery and beautiful views
  • Top-quality food
  • Award-winning restaurant
  • Wide variety of activities for all types of people

#12 Real Club El Prat (Spain)

The warm climate of the resort is perfect for golf and other outdoor activities. The white sandy beaches offer a wonderful place to relax after an exhausting day on the course, with plenty of places nearby to dine or shop.

The Real Club El Prat Resort offers all kinds of options when it comes time for relaxation, from fine dining in one of its many restaurants to shopping at any number of outlets located just outside your hotel room door. There’s something here that everyone will enjoy!

  • Enjoy a relaxing trip on the golf resort
  • Practical accommodation
  • Take advantage of Spain’s warm climate with beautiful
  • Choose from a wide variety of cuisines to enjoy

#13 PGA Catalunya Resort (Spain)

The PGA Catalunya Resort is a luxurious golf resort in Spain. The PGA Catalunya Resort has been ranked one of the top ten most expensive resorts on Earth. It’s easy to see why: with luxury villas overlooking 18 holes guarded by waterfalls or mountains, spa services that we can’t even list because they’d spoil all the surprises—you are spoilt for choice at this heavenly place. If you need more convincing, then take a look around their website.

  • Resort accommodation in Spain
  • Unlimited golfing
  • Luxury villas with private pools and spa services, etc.
  • Choice of accommodations
  • Grab one last chance to get away from it all and relax for a week or two

Bottom Line – The Best Golf Resorts In Europe

The European continent is home to some of the finest golf resorts in the world. Our list includes various types, from small courses designed for beginners to great destinations where you can play on championship-caliber greens with your favorite pro. Which Golf Resort in Europe is your favorite? Let us know which one and why!

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