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Business meetings from one city to another country asked for separate revenue and more time. That’s why small and super light jets have come into attention. The reason is probably because many of us want to save potential revenue on the flights and bookings. It will help businesses be ready whenever for a meeting in another city or even a country.

A private jet, sometimes referred to as a business jet, is a type of jet built to fly small numbers of passengers. Several governmental agencies, state officials, and military services use private jets for various purposes, including casualty evacuation or quick cargo delivery.

The light and super light jets come with heavy benefits. Comfortable seats, landing flexibility and more legroom, these jets make for the best jet investment. Sometimes it’s not just about money, the speed and the serene traveling is another reason to opt for small and super light private jets.

Companies like Excellent Air provide private small and super light private jets. It is great for a short-time, unmatched flight experience.

Types of Private jets Operators.

Private planes are owned, managed, and operated by three distinct types of operators. They are

  1. Flight departments.

Flight departments are big business operators who oversee a corporation’s airplanes. Organizations like Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, and Altria possess, manage, and fly their fleet of private jets for their personnel. All facets of aircraft operation and management are handled by the flight departments.

  1. Charter operators.

Charter companies operate or maintain many private jets for a variety of clientele. Charter operators, like regular flight departments, are responsible for all facets of aircraft operation and management. They are not, however, affiliated with a single organization. They manage airplanes for private owners or corporations, as well as sell available flying time on the planes they own or manage. Maintenance services are also available.

  1. Fractional ownership.

Individuals or corporations who pay an advance ownership share for the value of an aircraft are referred to as fractional owners of airlines. Since 1996, business aircraft owned by a handful of corporations have been referred to as “fractional jets.” Operating expenses including flight attendants, hangarage, and servicing are shared among the users under this kind of arrangement.

Classes of Private jets.

The following are the different types of private jets based on their size.

  • Very light jets.
  • Small Light Jets.
  • Super Light Jets.
  • Mid-size jets.
  • Super midsize jets.
  • Heavy jets.
  • ultra-long-range Jets
  • VIP airliners.

In this article, we will be considering some notable small and super light jets.

Small light jets.

Small light jets can accommodate up to eight passengers, making them preferred for business travel These jets also have a longer average flying distance of 1,400 to 2,500 nautical miles and a cruising speed of 500 miles per hour, making them perfect for 2–3-hour journeys and even intracontinental trips. Small light jets, like their larger rivals, can land at narrow terminals and a touchdown on small airstrips, allowing business travelers greater mobility and flexibility. Although some small light jets don’t even have enough space for a cabin crew, a lavatory is mostly installed.

Ideal for smaller routes, these jets are the best choice for a compact size and urgent trips. Since they have the capability to land on any runway, small light jets provide more flexibility.

These jets can carry eight passengers, travel 500 miles per hour, and require only one pilot to fly them. Many buyers opt for these types of jets for family vacations, intercontinental routes and urgent traveling.

Benefits of small light jets

Small light jets come with a lot of benefits. Flexibility, more legroom, shorter routes, landing on less busier airport is just few of them. More of them are mentioned below,

  • Access remote destinations

Sometimes traveling to a remote area on a plane is impossible. Your only option may appear to be only the car. But these small light jets can land on small runways. So saving time and the tiredness that come rushing with long traveling, these types of private jets are lifesavers.

  • Capable

These jets are perfectly capable to carry eight to ten passengers without overloading the haul. Surprisingly, the light private jets have faster speed and carry the boardroom overseas alongside their luggage.

  • Cost-effective

The costs are relatively affordable. A small light jet will cost you between three million dollars to eighteen hundred dollars. It also comes with a 1800 pounds of engine thrust.

  • Aircraft for business

These aircraft are best for traveling boardroom overseas with maximum traveling hours upto three hours. The 1.8k lbs thrust is safe and provides value for money.

Three best Types of small light jets

The plush seats and the capacity to carry luggage as well as individuals, the small light jets are one of the best. Because they are small, these jets can land on any runway, away from the busier ones, and make traveling comfortable.

But here goes the top three small light jets for you to set your eyes on!

1.   Cessna Citation CJ2

Speed: 754 km/h

Value: $ 3-5 million

Travelers: 6-8

Baggage capacity: up to 11 bags.

For a luxurious traveling experience, Cessna citation CJ2 is the best. With capacity to carry six people on board and two pilots, this private jet can get you across America in less than two hours. The speed and mileage is comparatively better than others i.e. 754 km/h. The maximum operating altitude is 45000 feet.

These jets have innumerable benefits which include

  • Availability of portable chargers
  • Convenience and control through panel
  • Whether navigation for the pilot
  • Carry upto ten passengers
  • Comfortable stitching of leathered seats

The Cessna Citation Jet/CJ series (Model 525) are light business jets constructed by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas, with turbofan engines. There are seven different models of Citation business jets. The CJ, CJ1, CJ1+, CJ2, CJ2+, CJ3, and CJ4 variants are all descended from the Model 525 Citation Jet. The Cessna Citation CJ2 (Model 525A) is a 5-foot extended version of the Cessna Citation CJ1 (Model 525), which first flew in 2000. Two Williams-Rolls FJ44-2C engines power the CJ2, which consumes 139 gallons per hour. There are 7 passenger seats and 2 personnel seats in the 248 cubic foot cabin.


➔        The CJ Series is known for its affordability and dependability.

➔        1,500+ nautical mile range.

➔        Mini-Bar and Galley are properly equipped.

➔        Private lavatory.

➔        The interior is made of leather.

2.   Learjet 60 XR

Speed: 863 km/h

Value: $14 million

Travelers: 8

The most noticeable feature of the Learjet 60 XR was its performance. Although the previous version, Learjet 55 XR had significance of its own, but the comparison sys something else. It’s the Pratt & Whitney Canada PWC305A engines, two powerful thrusters giving almost 4.8k lbs thrust.

The Learjet 60 XR has one of the most advanced technological approaches in flight experience. few of them are,

  • High cruise speed of 861 km/hour
  • Time saving experience with less air traffic and better winds
  • The safety and comfort that this jet provides is unmatched

3.   Hawker 400 XP

Speed: 434MPH

Value: $5.7 million

Travelers: 8

With a vast cabin length of 4.3 feet, the hawker 400xp is best in performance as well as the looks. The sleek design and the light weight jet can speed up to 400 knots. Power performance is because of the Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines.

  • The hawker 400xp is a jet like no other, powerful engines, turbo speed and explicit design.
  • It has spacious cabins and can carry up to eight passengers that include two pilots.
  • Great mix of speed, economy and comfort

A super-light jet

Can be used for a variety of reasons since it is small enough to enable passengers to fly to a small airfield without sacrificing comfort, and it is fast enough to be a quite efficient business transportation tool. The cabins are well designed to make this type of aircraft desirable for both leisure and business travelers and it can accommodate individuals who need to travel to many places in a single day. Refreshments, drinks, as well as other catering alternatives, could be available wherever they are needed.

These jets are relatively more affordable and provide more spaciousness with smooth traveling as compared to others. The business traveling in these jets have always received a 5 star. These jets lead the category in performance, comfort and technology. Over the eight years, these jets have advanced the most with industry inclusive upper panel tech.

Benefits of super light jets

The super light jets provide a luxurious traveling experience in the air. The planes are confined with technological approached which give them more attention

·      Comfortable

These jets are comfortable and give a spacious yet luxurious flight experience. These private planes will give you the finest flight experience.

·      Fast & reliable

These jets will get you thousands of miles away from your residence in less than three hours. They have the fastest speed and more flexibility.

·      Cabin and luggage space

Traveling from one city to another call for a baggage and these jets will carry them for you. Surprisingly, there will be extra room in the jet to carry five to six pieces of luggage.

Three best Types of super light jets

The best thing about the super light jets is their sleek designs and compact designs. No extras, comfortable seats, beautifully settled cockpits and digital panels with technical controls, these jets are unbeatable.

Here is our list of three best types of super light jets,


Speed: 963 km/h

Value: $8 – 10 million

Passenger capacity: 7 – 9 people.

Baggage capacity: up to 12 bags

Practically, this super light private jet is one of the most demanded one. The reason is because it has the design, spaciousness and comfort which everyone would want while making an investment. It gives an ultimate flight experience with full thrust of 3360 pounds.

  • No need for extra runway, a small area for landing would be enough. That means the jet can land anywhere without worrying about the air traffic or busy runways.
  • Two Pratts PW535E engines giving double thrust power and silent engine. No noise means most comfortable traveling jet experience
  • Designed for 35000 hours for a valuable experience

The Embraer Phenom 300 is a single-pilot authorized light jet airplane designed by Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace company.

After discovering that potential buyers of the Phenom 100 might also desire a larger jet, Embraer started developing the Phenom 300. It had two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofan engines positioned on the rear pylon.

In the years 2013, 2014, and 2015, the Phenom 300 was the most preferred private jet.
At the end of 2015, 320 Phenom 300s were already in service in 28 nations, accumulating nearly 300,000 hours of flight time.


➔        Airshow System.

➔        Fully Enclosed Lavatory.

➔        It’s equipped with Cabin Speakers, Data Ports, and Power Outlets.

➔        Refreshment Center.

➔        Executive seating with fold-out table.

2.   Gulfstream G100

Speed: 874 km/h

Value: $1.695 million

Passenger capacity: 7 – 9 people

Baggage capacity: up to 9 bags

Quieter cabin, better performance and most comfortable flight experience, gulfstream G100 cannot get better than this. The latest technical application with portable USB ports and leather stitched seats, it has become one of the top choices among buyers.

  • It can go to a speed of 541 mph
  • Winner in cabin size, cockpit and improved performance
  • The legend of private jets
  • The speed can reach up to mach 0.84
  • The jet will get 37,000 feet above in the air in less than twenty minutes
  • The gulfstream G100 has high cruising and landing speed

The Gulfstream G100 was once recognized as the Israel Aerospace Industries Astra SPX, a twin-engine business aircraft The Astra first flew in August 1994 and was redesignated G100 in September 2002 after Gulfstream acquired the type certificate earlier that year.

The G100 was equipped with winglets and was powered by Honeywell TFE-731-40R-200G turbofan engines rated at 4,250 lbf. The G100 can carry seven passengers in its surprisingly roomy cabin, which includes a full lavatory plus additional baggage space.


➔        A lavatory with a complete enclosure.

➔        Power outlets are available.

➔        Mini galley.

➔        Two Honeywell TFE731-40R-200G turbofan engines are installed on the aircraft.

3.   Citation XLS

Speed: 802 km/h

Value: $7.1 million

Passenger capacity: 9 people

Baggage capacity: up to 13 bags

The sleek design of citation XLS and better technology has made this jet much in demand. The air refresher system inside the cabins and the small valley make it even more comfortable. The spacious seats provide leg-room and give you the best flight experience.

  • The extravagant look and the leather stitched seats are comfortable for long journeys
  • It has two Pratt & Whitney PW545B engines with 3,975 pounds of thrust
  • There is Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics suite upgrade from the Citation Excel panel
  • Gets as high as 43000 feet in less than thirty minutes
  • The first time these jets were introduced in the jet market was 2018 with a price of four million dollars and sold 330 in first year of release.

The Cessna Citation XLS is a super-light business jet manufactured by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas, and powered by a turbofan engine. The Citation XLS was the very first production of the Citation Excel and entered service in 2003. It is part of the wide-ranging Citation business jet line of products line

The Citation XLS is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PW545B engines that produce 3,975 pounds of thrust each, as well as a Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics suite, which replaces the Cessna Excel dashboard. Seats for nine travelers, indirect LED lighting, fold-out tables, and a lounge are all included in the interior. In twenty-five minutes, the upgraded Citation XLS can reach 43,000 feet, which is 48 minutes quicker than that of the Citation Excel.

Private entities, businesses, fractional owners, charter operators, and aviation management firms operate the aircraft. Excellent Air is a prominent chartered plane operator with Citation XLS aircraft in its fleet.


➔        Equipped with Power Outlet.

➔        Speakers and Individual Video Monitors in every part of the cabin.

➔        Refreshment Center.

➔        Ample Lighting and Storage in Lavatory.

➔        Precise Cabin Temperature Control.

A Final Verdict

The above mentioned were few of the most cost-effective small and super light private jets. Catering to one of them means you can travel to intercontinental routes without worrying about losing potential time. Your time is important and these cost-effective private jets will get you anywhere as soon as possible. The smallest jet costs three million dollars that will save you potential revenue on bookings and flights give you more spaciousness and are available whenever you want.

You might not be rich enough to afford a small or super light private jet if you are not on Forbes’ list of high net worth individuals. You can, however, hire one from a charter firm. You might be surprised by the cost of hiring a small and super light jet. It will not only save you time at the airport, but it would also reduce travel stress, increase job efficiency, and allow you to arrive sooner at your location. The cost of hiring a jet is determined by the distance flown and the jet used.

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