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A private jet, sometimes referred to as a business jet, is a type of jet built to fly small numbers of passengers. Several governmental agencies, state officials, and military services use private jets for various purposes, including casualty evacuation or quick cargo delivery.

The private jet is the fastest mode of transport, most of them have a fuselage made of aluminum and composite materials. The weight advantage makes them both very fast and low in emissions compared to airliners. They are also equipped with particularly powerful engines. In addition, business aviation allows passengers to avoid long and stressful queues during check-in and security screening at major airports, while giving the passengers flexibility of choosing their convenient time of departure and airports.

Privacy, time savings and unequalled luxury are just some of the benefits of flying via a private jet. Comfortable sleeping areas, fashionable showers, extravagantly appointed board rooms, and posh seats with an abundance of legroom – these are the additional features you can enjoy depending on the private aircraft you are using.

Whether you are planning to purchase your own business jet, or you wish to charter one, it is best to be aware of which type will suit your needs and preferences to ensure a calm and pleasurable travel, every time. A private jet can cost anywhere from $2 million to over $100 million. Other expenses may include flight crew salaries and expenses, the cost of routine maintenance and unforeseen repairs, hangar rental, and aircraft insurance. Alternatives include membership in a private jet club, private jet charter services, and partial jet ownership.

Business meetings from one country to another require separate revenue and additional time. That’s why small and super light jets have come into consideration. The reason is undoubtedly because many of us wish to save potential revenue on the flights and bookings. It will enable businesses to be prepared whenever there is a reason for a meeting in another city or even a country.


Midsize private jets offer a range of about four to five hours of flying time with a range of about 2800 nautical miles. Some midsize jets feature non-stop coast-to-coast flights and others may need to make one quick stop for fuel along the way. These features make the midsize jets suitable for transcontinental flights.

These aircrafts feature elegant club-style side-by-side seating, with swivel, recline and track seating, which can accommodate between seven to ten persons comfortably. The noise in the cabins of these jets is low, giving passengers a quiet and peaceful flight

Midsize jets have cabin height of about five feet eight inches, which gives passengers room to stand up inside the plane and normally have enough space for two pilots, a flight attendant, a service galley and an on-board lavatory, while some can even be furnished with an enclosed shower and fold-out divans. Equipped with Wi-Fi and phone capabilities, mid-size jets are ideal for those who prefer to stay connected and productive during flights.

Mid-size private jets can still use smaller airports and are more affordable to operate in comparison with heavy jets. If you are eyeing a mid-size private jet for your next travel, take a look at Gulfstream 150 owned by AMBER JET,

Advantages of Midsize Cabin jets

For those looking to avoid fuel stops while paying a similar price to a light jet, a midsize jet makes a convincing substitute. While some passengers don’t mind 30-minute delay to stretch their legs, others prefer nonstop flight, which midsize jets can offer on most trips. Depending on the payload and passenger count, intracontinental trips can often be accomplished without a fuel stop.

Other benefits provided by midsize cabin jets include but are not limited to the following.

  • Personal food and beverage preference on board.
  • Private terminal.
  • Dedicated, local Flight Concierge team.
  • Highest standard of safety.
  • Ample room for work and rest.

The most common and efficient Midsize cabin jets are featured below with their breathtaking and comfortable interiors

  1. Gulfstream G150

Speed: 850 km/h

Value: $ 16 Million

Passenger capacity: 7-8 people

Baggage capacity: up to 15 bags

  1. Cessna Citation Latitude

Speed: 826 km/h

Value: $ 18 million

Passenger capacity: 7-9 people

Baggage capacity: up to 15 bags

  1. Learjet 60

Speed: 863 km/h

Value: $ 13 million

Passenger capacity: 8 people

Baggage capacity: up to 15 bags


The beauty of a super midsize jet is that it provides all the speed and efficiency one would expect from a larger business jet, but with the kind of luxury and comfort that’s fit for royalty. With intercontinental flights in a breeze, stand-up cabins and large luggage space, super midsize jets give you the benefits of flying on a larger jet – but without the price tag. Comfortably seating 8-10 passengers, some of these aircrafts can even fly farther than some long-range aircrafts. A super midsize jet also provides plenty of room for the entire group to travel in absolute tranquility.

Super mid-size jets feature spacious standing and walking room and have ample space for an enclosed lavatory and service galley. Featuring improved avionics that enable a quieter operation, super mid-size jets provide a higher level of luxury for travelers while providing greater speed and range.

Compared with other midsize options, super midsize jets extend travel range by 500 statute miles for more than nine passengers. In most models, the cabin features a forward wardrobe, a full refreshment center, and inflight entertainment. The private full washrooms, located in the rear of the plane are big enough to double as a private dressing room, equipped with a closet to store garment bags

These are some of the fastest aircraft and excellent choices for flights up to seven hours, not to mention the plane interiors feature all the comforts of home. They also have a large baggage capacity, with space for several handbags, suitcases, and athletic equipment, like golf bags, skis, or snowboards.

Advantages of Super Midsize Jets

Super midsize jets offer elite luxury for up to nine passengers. When you have a full lavatory with vanity, a fully-stocked galley, and the option to have a flight attendant – you will be in good hands for the duration of the flight. If you are looking for elite comfort coupled with enhanced operational capabilities for a long-range flight, all for reasonable amounts of money, look no further than a super midsize private jet.

Below are the other benefits you stand to enjoy when you fly inn a super midsize jet

– Super Midsize jets are among the fastest private jets available

– Seats more than 9 passengers

– Super Midsize jets can operate out of smaller airports and fly intercontinental flights non-stop

– Includes an enclosed lavatory with full or partial galley

– Wider cabin size available to maximize passenger comfort and mobility

– Cabin management technology

–  Personal food and beverage preferences on board

Super midsize jets feature outstanding amenities that are often far more luxurious than commercial airlines’ first-class suites. From spacious cabin space ad plush leather seats, to a master bedroom and en-suite shower, these aircrafts offer the finest air travel for an exceptionally comfortable ad relaxing flight.

Since passengers have the entire cabin to themselves, they can freely bring their pets with them, as well as all their travel necessities, including liquids, and maximize the practically unlimited luggage capacity

  1. Gulfstream G200

Speed: 901 km/h

Value: $23 million

Passenger capacity: 10 people

Baggage capacity: up to 15 bags

  1. Cessna Citation Sovereign

Speed: 848 km/h

Value: $ $20 million

Passenger capacity: 10-12 people

Baggage capacity: up to 15 bags

  1. Bombardier Challenger 350

Speed: 850 km/h

Value:  $26 million

Passenger capacity: 9 people

Baggage capacity: up to 17 bags


For CEOs and other higher-up executives, private jets are a risk mitigator of sorts. People choose private travel to ensure they arrive at a destination on time, and in the best possible physical and mental shape. Busy executives cannot afford to show up late for important meetings and feel sluggish because of the rigors of commercial travel. And since some jets are equipped with office amenities, executives can work while en route in a safe, secure atmosphere. Proximity to airports and flexibility are big advantages too, the itinerary is completely flexible based on the peculiar needs of the passengers.

In reality, though, a private jet rental is preferable for the majority of travelers. In contrast to owning a private jet, chartering a jet offers all of the benefits of possessing one without the price tag and stress of regular maintenance.

Additionally, you don’t have to settle for one airplane. If you’re taking your boardroom overseas, then you’d need a different plane for your weekend trip over to the Hamptons. With a jet charter, you choose the aircraft that is most cost-effective for your needs each time.

The cost of hiring a private jet varies depending on the distance traveled and the chosen aircraft. A short 40-minute flight could cost around $2,800, while the jet lease cost of a one-and-a-half-hour flight in a mid-size jet will be about $34,500 because you’ll need a bigger jet and will fly for a longer time.

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