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Reimagine your luxury global yachting experience and international exploration.

The practice of yachting found its origins in the 14th century, and with the help of modern visionaries in the world of luxury services, it continued to expand. Royal Yacht International is the product of two such visionaries who saw that yachting was ready to take another leap into the future of luxury and service. Their dedication to providing services that exceed the industry standard has helped them grow and gain recognition from high-priority clientele. Today, Royal Yacht International offers expert-level services specific to purchasing yachts, managing yachts, organizing luxury cruises, and locating travel destinations that offer exclusive experiences. If you are looking for a way to ensure that your next yachting experience exceeds the ordinary, then this is the company to contact.

Trust, Passion, and Readiness.

These values are the pillars supporting Royal Yacht International and their success in providing a superior yachting experience. Tommaso Chiabra and Manuele Thiella, the entrepreneurs who founded Royal Yacht International, knew that the audience of exclusive clientele they wanted to serve had needs specific to luxury living, and their values strive to support those needs.

Trust plays a great part in their services. As most people in a position of great wealth or power know, it is not uncommon for individuals to try to take advantage of you. Royal yacht international has worked hard, creating a team of experts in the industry and creating personal relationships with each client as a way of establishing and maintaining trusting relationships, so you can be at ease whenever you work with them.

Passion is what brought Royal Yacht International to fruition. This desire to constantly learn about the yachting industry and its associated travel experiences drives the company forward, keeping them ahead of the pack and encouraging the discovery of new opportunities for your pleasure.

Readiness may be the last value listed, but it is of the utmost importance. The Royal Yacht International team consists of professionals with various specialties and representatives from around the globe. Their experience and attentiveness allow for immediate assessment and response to the needs of their clients, so you will never be left waiting and you will be treated with the quality care you deserve.

How Can Royal Yacht International Serve You?

Purchasing A Yacht

Regardless of the size, purchasing a yacht is a huge investment. You want to be sure that it runs smoothly, has all of the amenities you desire, and that you are paying a reasonable price. Many times, finding the yacht of your dreams can be a stressful experience, which is why Royal Yacht International is working hard to improve the yacht buying experience. Through Royal Yacht International you have the opportunity to explore numerous vessels of all types and sizes. Some of the vessels shown are real while others are concepts that can be custom built to suit your needs. This combination allows for you to find your perfect fit, and Royal Yacht International makes a point to use their global connections to get you the best deal and make your purchasing process easy.

Professional Management

Enjoying a yachting venture includes much more preparation than simply choosing or purchasing a yacht. Finding a suitable crew, ensuring qualified technical maintenance, managing associated accounting services, maintaining records, arranging for the supply and refueling of provisions are all aspects of yachting that can be a bother to constantly maintain. Royal Yacht International understands that these needs must be met and ensures that you won’t have to worry about them by providing expert management that extends across the globe. When you are in their care, you can truly relax and enjoy a flawless yachting experience.

Luxury Cruise Opportunities & Designer Destinations

Yachts are great fun and they come in a variety of sizes, but there is a point at which parties can be too big to comfortably travel in a yacht. Larger parties still deserve a vessel that can provide them with a luxury experience in a private setting, and Royal Yacht International has worked to meet that need. Due to the growing demand for luxury cruise lines that are curated to high-end clientele, they now offer a variety of experiences that cruise to the most popular destinations and offer services that reach stunning and untouched landscapes that have yet to be embraced by other sea travel agencies.

The ocean covers a majority of the earth’s surface, and hidden in it are stunning islands and parts of countries that lay hidden like gems. The affluent clientele who commonly enjoy yachting ventures are likely to have already experienced popular luxury yachting and cruising sites like the Bahamas or the Amalfi coast. These areas maintain their beauty, so they are still offered as destinations, but a number of new and lesser-known gems are also accessible through Royal Yacht International. Rich cultural experiences are offered under the glowing northern lights of the Svalbard Archipelago, fanciful landscapes hidden in the Kuril Islands of Russia, and plenty more dreamy locations are at your fingertips through the passionate research of Royal Yacht International.

Charter: Rock 13

If you are looking to enjoy the beauty of the stunning destinations that Royal Yacht International has access to, but you do not wish to purchase a yacht or rent a luxury cruise then you are in luck. Royal Yacht International also offers opportunities for yacht charters, the most prominent of which is their outstanding vessel named Rock 13.

Rock 13 was custom built in 2004 and she received a refit in 2020 that has made her appearance even more stunning. This unique yacht is best described as a shark amongst fish. Her exterior is a glistening pure black color that accentuates her aerodynamic and alluring style. The presence of this yacht makes an impact at first glance, even in a sea of other vessels, you can be sure your arrival is something spectacular when you are onboard the Rock 13.

Once you breach the onyx black exterior, an experience that rivals fictional films awaits you. A large swim platform welcomes you to the vessel and guides you towards the outdoor amenities. On the main aft deck, you will find numerous seating areas arranged for maximum comfort while you take in the oceanic views. A jacuzzi on the foredeck awaits you on cooler nights or days where you would prefer to relax instead of swim in the ocean. On the bow there lays a grand seating area where you and your company can enjoy the rush of ocean air as the boat glides through the water. As you move to the upper deck you will find a stunning Al-Fresco dining area awaiting you. Here, every luxury meal you enjoy is enhanced by the beautiful views of the horizon.

The outside of the Rock 13 is stunning, but its newly refinished interior takes the beauty of this yacht to the next level. In stark contrast to the dark exterior, the interior glows white with pops of color. The interior dining table has a stunning art piece as its backdrop and it is flanked on both sides by a custom-built wine cellar that mixes functionality with beauty. The expansive seating in the main interior area allows plenty of space for you and guests to relax, refresh, and even talk business. On the interior of the upper deck, there is also a secluded cinema sky lounge. The spiral staircase and custom silver anaconda handrail enhance the opulence of this unique amenity.

The rest of Roc 13’s interior is devoted to the comfort of guests. In total, the vessel can accommodate 10 guests in its 5 luxury cabins, each of which has a private bathroom. The first of which is the full-beam master stateroom. This spacious room contains a grand bed, a large TV, plenty of workspace, and ample closet space. The master stateroom also contains the largest bathroom on the ship. Double sinks, a waterfall shower, a full-size jacuzzi tub, and marble accents are just a few of the factors that make this space unforgettably luxurious.

The three double guest cabins also place an emphasis on luxury. Despite being smaller in size, these rooms contain similar amenities and their ensuite bathrooms contain a unique waterfall shower and bath combo. Lastly, there is the twin guest cabin. This space is perfect for younger children or individual guests who are looking to have a room to themselves. There is also a main deck day head with stunning ocean views that has been strategically placed for easy access when you are enjoying time in the social areas of the vessel.

Part of the allure of yachting is time in the ocean, which is exactly why the Rock 13 offers a variety of water toys for your pleasure. You can lounge, bounce, or dive off of the large inflatable trampoline and you can cruise on any of the four paddle boats. Snorkeling and fishing equipment are also provided so you can engage with the sea life at your destinations. For more powerful play, there is a SEA-DOO jet ski, one ultimate jet surf unlimited, and four Seabobs that can pull you through the water like a dolphin. When you reach your destination, the Rock 13 also has beach set-ups, so you can enjoy the sand as easily as you enjoy the sea.

Compared to other yachting charters, the Rock 13 has a unique style and amenities that stand out from the crowd. It is a direct result of their professional partnership with the experienced and globally recognized yachting professionals at Royal Yacht International. If you are looking to buy, charter, or have a yachting experience managed, then we would be happy to facilitate an exclusive offer on your behalf. You are also welcome to reach out to Royal Yacht International directly, and if you mention that you heard of their services through Par Excellence then you can enjoy a special discount. Experience the pinnacle of luxury yachting in a whole new light with Royal Yacht International.


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