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The Art of Luxury Yachting

Today, there is a plethora of luxury superyachts you can choose from, all of which are equipped with superb amenities to guarantee an exclusive cruise experience each time you travel. As such, we have taken it upon ourselves to scour the ends of the earth, documenting the best superyachts to give you a first-class taste of the experience that awaits you. In the light of this, we received invitations to go aboard a number of superyachts at this year’s MYBA Yacht Show in Barcelona, among which was the 39-meter Hakvoort superyacht Snowbird from her central agent IYC at the. Snowbird was among several high-ranking superyachts on display this year at the yacht show. There, we had the opportunity to have a short interview and walk-through video with the charter manager.

Snowbird is nothing short of a work-of-art, and the experience aboard the vessel was otherworldly. Stepping aboard the yacht, we received a warm welcome from the onboard crew, and the entire atmosphere was beyond magical. The icing on the cake: Snowbird boasts a remarkable art collection rivaling those of art museums and galleries across the globe – a floating museum, so to speak. The top pieces aboard Snowbird include Roy Lichtenstein’s Shipboard Girl, Alex Katz’s Ada with Sunglasses, and most notably, Hans Hofmann’s Untitled.

Unlike most high-value artworks found in homes that follow a particular theme, each painting in Snowbird’s extensive collection is unique and breathtaking. Yet, these pieces are complementary, telling a story that ultimately leaves guests in awe. This unique blend of art and style, coupled with the striking interior, makes Snowbird a timeless piece in all of yacht history. What’s more? Throughout your stay on Snowbird, you get access to an information pool pertaining to the onboard art collection.

Just a step aboard the yacht, and guests instantly receive a barrage of splendor, basking in her perfect combination of extravagance, aesthetic appeal, and a dazzling collection of art spread across the entirety of the yacht. However, the extensive art gallery is not the only amazing thing about the vessel. The entire 39-meter vessel is one architectural wonder, proving her worth not only as a work-of-art but also as an engineering marvel. Snowbird’s crown jewel indeed lies in her spectacular design. Featuring a salient naval architecture by none other than Cor D. Rover and artistic interiors by David Ostrander, the yacht’s design screams extravagance, even to the untrained eye.

This exquisite vessel features a steel hull backed with an aluminum superstructure, making her one of the few lightweight superyachts available. Snowbird is powered by two Caterpillar Inc engines, propelling the superyacht to a cruising speed of 10.5 knots and a top speed of 13.5 knots. The vessel comes with a 45,000-liter fuel (diesel) capacity and a 10,000-liter water capacity, guaranteeing a lengthy trip altogether.

Take a tour around the yacht, and you will find that she is capable of housing up to 12 guests, with her seven luxury guest cabins spread across three decks. This includes a master cabin, two double cabins, two twin cabins, and two Pullman cabins. Aside from this, SnowbirD also has four extra cabins capable of accommodating six crew members, including the captain.

There are plenty of ways to kick back and relax aboard Snowbird. Aside from settling into your cabin and relaxing as you drift at sea, Snowbird provides thrill seekers the tools they need to explore. Rip through the waves with a collection of jet skis, paddleboards, seabobs, wakeboards, and mono-skis. You could also try fishing or opt for snorkel or dive gear and journey into the deep blue. Snowbird also comes with a workout station stocked with free weights, a Peloton bike, resistance bands, and everything in between. You have everything in place to make your yachting experience one for the books.

If Snowbird is your dream cruise ship to cruise through the world’s oceans, you would need to charter the vessel to bring your fantasies to reality. For that, you need IYC.

IYC is a private company that provides bespoke clients with the best luxury yacht services in the world. Their focus encompasses buying, selling, and chartering out luxury yachts, including Snowbird, to lovers of luxury. Their services also encompass providing support and insight to yacht owners, buyers, charterers, and crew. They also offer yacht, charter, and crew management services, as well as marketing agency services and build consultation to clients all over the world. IYC takes pride in its ability to deliver the finest yacht services to the most exclusive of places.

With IYC, you can charter Snowbird stress-free, with top-notch management services as a part of the deal. Now here’s the best part: You can take advantage of our partner discount by contacting us or simply mentioning PAR EXCELLENCE to IYC while booking!

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