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When you need a limo & chauffeured service, and a bodyguard all in one package, there’s only one company to call.

You can rely on XS Travel Management for a range of exceptional quality limo services that will not only ensure you get to your destination in style but keep you safe too.

Company Advantages

XS Travel Management is the perfect choice for your corporate travel needs. With their impeccable customer service, you can rest assured that they will get the job done with ease and efficiency based on these reasons:

  • Highly qualified personnel: all the XS drivers have years of police, military, or private security experience. Plus, they are first aid trained and members of the International Security Driver Association (ISDA).
  • A fleet as beautiful as it is fully functional: the fleet of cars is not only beautiful but fully functional. All company vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art security systems and tracking devices, a defibrillator, first aid kit w/ CPR masks for all passengers in an emergency.
  • A fully customizable service: XS Travel Management will provide a tailored service to your needs and offer you the services of a nanny, travel manager or tour guide.
  • Clear pricing: the price you see is the ultimate bottom line. Fuel and unlimited milage are included – they’ll even offer a discount on their services for long-term use.
  • Book online: when booking online, you can use email or the phone, their mobile app or booking panel on their website to make your reservation. Whatever is more convenient for you.

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For a more detailed understanding of the company’s services, take some time to explore the XS Travel Management website.

XS Travel Management Services

Personal Chauffeur – Bodyguard Driver

XS Travel Management’s limo & chauffeured service provides three different services, all in one flexible package. Not only will your driver take you to your destination in a comfort and style, but he will act as your bodyguard and residential security guard while he is not driving you, ensuring that you are protected wherever you go or wherever it is.

Inclusive Price

With unlimited mileage included for no extra cost, complimentary drinks including coffee and water as well as fruit snacks available on every vehicle stocked daily by our team members who are committed to providing transparency throughout each process—you can rest easy knowing they’re working hard every day, so you don’t have too.

A Chauffeur Who Fully Understands Your Needs

Working with XS Travel Management means you don’t have to hire three different people for your needs. Your chauffeur will get to know all the details about you and what is required of them to provide a more holistic service by ensuring the execution of every request efficiently.

Secure Transportation At Events

It’s always a security risk when your event has people coming from all over the world. With so many different languages and cultures, it can be challenging to know who is attending your event and their intentions. That’s why Secure Event Transportation Services is here. XS Travel Management will get you from point A to point B safely with professional drivers and high-quality limos. Let them handle the driving while you focus on other areas of your event.

  • Arriving on time: the XS Travel Management staff will always arrive on time. The team is ready to help you out in any event, even if it’s raining or snowing.
  • Scheduling shuttles: the company offers on-demand shuttles from major airports and stations as well as scheduled services, so it’s never too late (or early) for someone planning ahead. Schedules are up-to-date based on location; customers just need to pick one nearest them, allowing XS to provide more accurate arrival times. 
  • Monitoring guest list: XS Travel Management will be able to monitor your guest list and make sure that nobody who isn’t on the approved list enters without the permission of the event organizer. Plus, if you need to add or remove someone from the guests’ list, just let your limo & chauffeured service driver know in advance.
  • Collaboration with the event manager: capturing the event manager’s vision and translating it into a successful execution is crucial. XS Travel Management drivers collaborate with event managers to create a memorable experience for everyone.

If you have an international business convention in another country, give XS Travel Management a call today at +49 (0) 8331 6908 826. Their secure transportation service can help make sure it goes smoothly from start to finish.

High-Value Asset Secure Movement

Xtreme Security has the most advanced technology to offer safe and secure transportation of high-value assets in Europe. Gold, diamonds, jewelry, watches, you name it, XS will protect it. The limo & chauffeured service movements of these assets are classified into

  • Insured secured delivery
  • Armored secure transportation

Whatever the type of asset movement you choose, the goal is the same: help you focus on your business while XS is taking care of your products and logistics.

Dynamics and Communication

If you’re a entrepreneur, politician, or entertainer in need of protection from the prying eyes and ears of both friends and foes alike – then it may be time to think about hiring the XS staff. Highly trained individuals are ready to provide any level of service necessary based on who we’ll be protecting: executives like yourself and those working under your supervision.

These rule always apply for the XS Travel Management Dynamics and Communication:

  • Observe everything around you and think of all the possible scenarios
  • Protect the client and represent his brand
  • Never forget that duties and operational procedures will sometimes not align with the client’s wishes, way of life, and situation that dictates different tactics.
  • A bodyguard must act almost instinctively, and this is only possible with continuous training. Confidence comes with training.
  • Be honest, well-mannered, loyal, a gentleman with manners, discreet, and unobtrusive.

XS Travel Management Corporate Membership

The XS corporate membership of limo & chauffeured service is the perfect option for Yacht Charter and Jet Charter companies.

What Are The Benefits You Can Have For Your Business?

  • Your own branding or logo on our vehicles
  • A complimentary mobile app (Android and IOS) & website booking platform
  • Optional discount and promotional codes for your clients to use
  • Fixed rates and fleet of vehicles, across the whole EU
  • Customized billing direct to your accounts department
  • Limo & chauffeured service referral earnings
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • The ability to reach brand new customers

You will not have to spend time and money finding different services – The Corporate Membership of XS Travel Management can provide a range of services, including:

  • Chauffeur
  • Bodyguard and residential security
  • Cargo security and high-value asset movement
  • Childcare
  • Tour guide
  • Personal assistants
  • Luxury Villa Rental
  • Yacht and Jet hire
  • Yacht skipper
  • Household staff
  • And many more

Check here for all the service they can support you with.

Give your clients a top limo & chauffeured service

If you’re looking to open a corporate account or learn more about their corporate membership, get in touch with them.

Drivers are safe; their COVID-19 tests are negative

This year COVID-19 has added an extra layer of complexity to a collective rush. But safety is still the top priority.

All drivers must pass COVID-19 tests before being hired, which means that their COVID-19 test is negative. They also have to undergo continual random COVID-19 screenings for the company’s clients’ safety.

Another important thing is for the limo & chauffeured service provider to be up to date on COVID-19 related laws and restrictions. This way, if you, as a passenger, are going to an area where there are COVID-19 restrictions and the company does not have permission or authorization, the drivers will warn you about it before going to the destination.

Best Limo & Chauffeured Service Conclusion

You can’t go wrong when you book with XS Travel Management. They are the best limo & chauffeured service in Europe. Their hybrid drivers/bodyguards will pick up your family, friends, or colleagues from their desired location at any time of day with one phone call. Always on time.

Book now so you can experience what separates them from all others – quality service.

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