Legendary Classic Superyachts You Can Still Charter




Legendary Classic Superyachts You Can Still Charter

What are classic superyachts?

Ever since ancient Egyptian times, there have been multiple types of yachts throughout history. For entertaining multiple guests, racing and cruising the seas, any event set on a yacht have always been a crowd pleasure. The term classic superyacht does not have one strict definition. In general, any yacht launched before 1975 is considered a classic by today’s standards and any yacht at least 45m (147.638 ft) can be considered a superyacht. Many classic superyachts are considered legendary and are currently in service to diplomats, royalty and privately owned by billionaires. They are living legends on the sea, with many interesting stories to tell. These legendary classic superyachts are available for charter for many events.

Classic Superyacht: Sea Cloud – 110 m (359 ft)

This over 90-year-old superyacht has had plenty of adventures, earning its legendary status thanks to its history. In 1931, Wall Street broker Edward Francis Hutton had the largest private sailing yacht. His wife, Marjorie Merriweather Post, designed the interior with four-master to impress the elite. After the couple divorced, it was then named Sea Cloud. Then, the classic superyacht survived World War II, becoming Raphael Trujillo Molina’s pleasure cruise ship under the name Angelita and being hunted as a pirate ship.

Captain Hartmut Paschburg purchased her after she had been wasting away for years in 1978.  After acquiring a crew of 38, the Sea Cloud, once moremade the risky journey across the Atlantic to be repaired. Once more, the Sea Cloud  was ready for another adventure.

With a wide length of 109.50 m (360 ft), a beam of 14.94 m (50 ft), and a total sail area of 3000 m2 (32,000 sq ft), the ship has plenty of space for many amenities. Such amenities are a lido deck with a fully functioning bar, lounge, restaurant, library, and a hospital on board. There are also plenty of water sports for you to choose from.

Cruising Speed: 10 Knots
Engines: Two 1540 KV SKL deiseal engines
Beam length: 14.94 m
Range: 10000 nm
Cabins: 32 (10 are luxury)
Guests: 64
Crew: 60
Price: (weekly) €3000-8500 depending on cabin choice (daily) €428.57 – 1214.28 (based on weekly price -it may vary)

Classic Superyacht: Christina O – 99.06 m (325 ft)

Originally serving as a Canadian river class frigate during the Second World War in 1943, this classic superyacht was then converted into a world- renowned yacht. Purchased by Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, Christina O has entertained multiple world-famous celebrities and iconic events. Famous stars such as Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne and Frank Sinatra has graced this superyacht. One of the biggest events of the 20th century, the wedding reception of Grace Kelly and Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, was hosted on the Christina O.

With a length of 99.06 m (325 ft), a beam of 11.13 m and two 2775 MAN bhp diesel engines, this classic superyacht has amenities comparable to 5-star hotels. The main deck is home to a dining room, central atrium and a jacuzzi. The ship also has a swimming pool which has original mosaic tiles, which converted to dance floor when it is raised. Other amenities include a games room and a gym.

Cruising Speed: 14 Knots
Engines: 2x 2775 MAN bhp
Beam length: 11.13 m
Range: 12000 nm
Cabins: 18
Guests: 34
Crew: 39
Price: (weekly) €560,000-630000 (daily) €65,000 – 90,000 (based on weekly price -it may vary)

Classic Superyacht: Chakra – 86 m (282.2 ft)

Built in 1963 by Scheepswerf Gebr. van der Werf., the Chakra has been remodelled in 1998 to be a modern superyacht by Devonport Yachts. This ship was refitted again in 2016 and 2017, reassuring you will have a sophisticated yacht for your events. Chakra is considered one of the best yachts in the world, standing out with multiple decks and a beautiful interior design to make any event special.

With a 12V28/32A MAN B&W Alpha (3996 hp) engine and a cruising speed of 14 knots, Chakra provides a smooth ride for any occasion. Lounging areas, gym, beauty salon and a massage room is just some of the amenities available on Chakra. With experienced crew members, including Captain

Christos Ntaoutis and chef Konstantinos Simos, you can be assured that you and your guests will be looked after in the best way.

Cruising Speed: 14 knots
Engine: 12V28/32A MAN B&W Alpha (3996 hp)
Beam Length: 12.83 m
Range: 10000 nm
Cabin: 21
Guests: 36
Crew: 30
Price: (weekly) €495,000 (daily) €70,714.30 (based on weekly price -it may vary)

Classic Superyacht: SS Delphine – 78.57 m (257.9 ft)

The oldest out of all these classic superyachts, the SS Delphine was launched in 1921 for Horace Dodge by the Great Lakes Engineering Works. After a fire in 1926, the steam powered ship were then requisitioned to serve the US Army through World War II under Admiral Ernest Joseph King. Sometime after the war, Delphine underwent a 5-year restoration project in 1997 which finished in 2003 to return the SS Delphine to its 1920’s beauty. Another minor restoration happened in 2015, finishing in 2016.

With a length of 78.57 m (257.9 ft), a beam length of 10.82 m and a cruising speed of 8-9 knots, this piece of history can be seen sailing around the Mediterranean. With an interior designed by Tiffany of New York and Georges Marinus and an exterior designer by Antoine Wille and Henry J. Gielow, the SS Delphine can teleport you back to the 1920’s. Whilst the classic superyacht is the old-fashioned steering wheel on one of the decks to the furnishings, the ship can still entertain you. With a gym, salon, and a sauna, this smaller ship will make any event special.

Cruising Speed: 8-9 knots
Engines: Two quadruple expansion steam engines (1,500 hp)
Beam Length: 10.82 m
Range: 3000 nm
Cabin: 13
Guests: 26 (over 150 for a single event)
Crew: 24-27
Price: (weekly) €560,000 (daily) €80,000 (based on weekly price -it may vary)

Classic Superyachts: Haida 1929 – 71.1 m (233.26 ft)

Haida 1929, as the name suggests, was built in 1929 by Krupp Germaniawerft as the Haida. The plans were drafted by Cox and Stevens, including a strong exterior to survive the harsh and unpredictable Caribbean waters for long expeditions. Serving in the US Navy through the World War II and gaining over 11 owners in its 90-year lifespan, it was mainly forgotten about by 2015. However, current owner Nick Edmiston never did forget this yacht. Before buying the yacht in 2015, he researched and concluded that he could get the Haida back to her former glory. A 16-month renovation with yacht renovation company Pendennis allowed the renamed Haida 1929 to sail the seas once more in 2017.

A comfortable cruising speed of 11 knots and a 1500 hp engine, the Haida 1929 was remodelled to be a yacht for charter. With all the amenities of a modern yacht for charter such as a cinema, library and multiple decks, this timeless classic still maintains the 1920’s time of its construction. This is done though wooden decorations and flooring, a neutral colour palate with blues and greens to tie a room together for any event and beautiful vintage patterns on sofas which can make you and your guests feel as if they are time travellers.

Cruising Speed: 11 knots
Engine: Krupp 1500hp
Range: 8000 nm
Cabins: 7
Guests: 12
Crew: 18
Price: (weekly) €310,000 (daily) €44,285.71 (based on weekly price -it may vary)

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