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Traveling is a fantastic experience, but it’s just better for luxury and business travelers because of the business class lounges. Airports are not the most pleasant places to spend your time in. There are long lines, overpriced food and drinks, uncomfortable chairs, and too many people around you. You’re tired after a long flight, or jet lag is kicking in, and all you want to do is relax before your next flight.

The best airport lounges offer comfortable seating areas with plenty of space for relaxing. There’s also Wi-Fi, so you can work on your laptop while sipping on a nice cold drink or enjoying some delicious snacks from their buffet tables without having to leave the lounge area. Some even have showers available if you need to freshen up before boarding another flight.

If you’re a luxury or business traveler who loves or needs to go to Europe, then you know how important it is to find a suitable airport lounge. You want a space that’s luxurious and welcoming, with plenty of amenities so you can feel refreshed before your flight. We’ve done some research for you and found the Best Business Class Lounges in all of Europe.

Why Are Business Class Lounges Important?

An airport lounge is a comfortable and luxurious place in the middle of noisy, bustling airports. You can rest here or get some work done. Airport lounges provide respites from this overwhelming environment with their quiet relaxing atmospheres. A lounge will have oversized comfortable chairs and private TVs where they can sit back in peace to relax and unwind while catching up on news or sitcoms. They also offer showers so that travelers may freshen up before boarding again after being jammed into an airport chair all day long.

Lounges have plenty of free things, like free gourmet food and liquor. When a kiosk in the airport charges a high amount for a granola bar, lounges are like a breath of fresh air. Lounges tied to airlines offer something quite exceptional: A staff who will help you with anything, from booking a new flight to changing seats.

1. The Amadeus Lounge at Madrid Barajas Airport

The Amadeus Lounge is a beautiful place to get some work done. With complimentary Wi-Fi and comfortable seating, you’ll forget you’re actually in an airport.

The lounge’s decor takes its inspiration from Spain with an elegant look that stands out as one of the most stunning lounges in Madrid Barajas Airport. The spacious space features high ceilings decorated with traditional Spanish tiles, merging modern furnishings and old-world charm effortlessly for an unforgettable experience.

  • Expansive space with modern furnishings and traditional Spanish charm
  • Plenty of seats to choose from, including plush chairs, comfy sofas, or tiled benches
  • Coffee and Tea bar providing free drinks for all guests
  • Many mood lighting sets the tone, whether you’re reading a book or catching up on work.

2. The British Airways Galleries Club at London Heathrow Airport

Located in the center of Terminal 5, The British Airways Galleries Club at London Heathrow Airport is one of the most luxurious business class lounges in Europe, offering travelers an upscale dining experience. Travelers can enjoy wine tasting and light bites from Chef Antonin Bonnet’s eclectic menu before catching their flight or take advantage of exclusive items for sale, including designer clothing by Dior, Hermès, Gucci, and more while sitting down to read with one-on-one library services.

You’ll never want to go back out into the hustle-bustle after you’ve experienced this elegant club found in our very own Terminal 5! Step inside today where we are conveniently located near security so that traveling isn’t such a hassle any longer – just ask about all these beautiful amenities when

  • Guests are in the know when they’re at our airport lounge
  • It’s a destination like no other, with exclusive ambiance and services
  • An international luxury experience without the jet lag
  • The perfect place to relax before your flight or during a layover

3. Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport

For those looking for business class lounges, the Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal at Frankfurt International Airport is the perfect place. Here you can settle into one of their waiting lounges and relax before your flight takes off or watch live TV from around the world in this international terminal.

Luxury awaits passengers flying on Lufthansa to destinations all over Europe with its first-class terminals located throughout airports across Germany, including Munich-Franz Josef Strauss Airport, Hamburg as well as Dortmund’s “Willy Brandt” Intercontinental Hotel and Düsseldorf airport.

  • Relax in style with free WiFi and comfortable seating before your flight takes off
  • Watch live TV from around the world
  • Get complimentary refreshments, including soft drinks, tea, coffee, snacks, and more

4. The Air France-KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

The Air France-KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport has an important rank in our best business class lounges list. A perfect place to hang out if you’re waiting for your flight. You can enjoy the company of friends, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary coffee while rooting through international newspapers from all over the world.

The Air France-KLM Royal Dutch Airlines lounge in Paris is so chic it would make even Anna Wintour drool with envy! The staff are attentive yet not intrusive; they’ll help find any article or snack that’s on your wish list without being pushy about sales pitches. And there’s no need to worry because their bilingual team speaks perfect English too.

  • Secure and comfortable waiting area
  • Exclusive lounge access for Air France-KLM Royal Dutch Airlines passengers
  • Gourmet coffee, luxury snacks, wine, and beer served at your convenience
  • Relaxing atmosphere with complimentary Wi-Fi

5. Swissport’s Business Lounges in Zurich, Geneva, and Munich

The Business Lounges in Zurich, Geneva, and Munich are all great! They offer food stations with a variety of options, including gluten-free products. There is also access to USB charging ports for your electronics, so you never run out of battery power.

The Swissport business class lounges in Switzerland offer various amenities that make working or traveling less stressful and enjoyable. For lunch, there’s an assortment of foods such as sandwiches from different countries like Germany (bread & meat), France (bread), the United States (chicken salad), Italy(cheese). If coffee is what gets you going, they have two varieties: Americano, where it starts strong but ends light, or Latte, which has milk added to start off sweet before turning stronger.

  • No Lines for Gourmet Food
  • Charge Your Phone Anywhere
  • Liquor and Soda Bar Available
  • Hookups to Wi-Fi and International News

6. The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is definitely one of our favorite, luxurious and exclusive business class lounges in all of Europe. With stunning architecture, a VIP-only atmosphere complete with its own private barbershop, and first-class catering service, it truly takes flying to new heights.

It is located at Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport, and has an open-plan design that extends across two floors. The upper floor features meeting rooms for up to 10 people as well as dining facilities available by reservation only for groups larger than this number on weekdays from 09:00 am until 10:30 pm (excluding weekends).

On Saturdays, there are meeting room space and catering services offered and those already mentioned above. Still, these may not be booked before 9 am or after 8 pm unless special arrangements have been made in advance. Similarly, conference suites can also be reserved during regular office hours without prior agreement.

  • Settle into plush, cozy seats in a welcoming environment
  • All the amenities you need before and after your flight
  • Treat yourself to some of Heathrow’s finest dining before take-off
  • Relax with complimentary drinks and snacks before departure

7. Austrian Airlines Business Lounges at Vienna Airport

The Austrian Airlines business class lounge is a great place to relax and prepare before your flight. There are plenty of comfy chairs, large screens with international news channels playing on them, as well as many gourmet food options for hungry luxury travelers. The bathrooms also have the latest technology so that you can freshen up before hopping on board.

  • Sit back and relax before your flight at the Austrian Airlines business class lounge
  • Enjoy a wide selection of food, drinks, and amenities
  • Take in international news as you prepare for your next destination
  • Make use of advanced technology to freshen up in their bathrooms

8. Finnair Premium Lounge, Helsinki

The Finnair Premium Lounge is a great place to relax. The lounge features various seating areas, food, and beverage service, entertainment options for luxury travelers like you. Amenities include complimentary internet access with power strips at each seat in the lobby area; personal lockers provide peace of mind about belongings while traveling.

There are also showers available so that you can freshen up before your flight departs — just remember to bring all toiletries needed (shampoo/conditioner etc.), towels provided upon request only). The Finnish airline’s lounge at Helsinki Airport offers everything luxury, and business passengers need to fully recover from their flight by providing showers with refreshing water pressure and comfortable sleeping areas equipped with soft pillows and blankets.

Another perk? You have unlimited time within their VIP section, including free Wi-Fi and an exclusive bar menu including champagne cocktails by Pol Roger Champagne House.

  • Enjoy a luxurious, relaxing environment with free Wi-Fi
  • Your items are kept safe and secure in personal lockers
  • Refresh yourself with the variety of amenities offered
  • Treat yourself to luxury at affordable prices

9. Turkish Airlines Business Lounge, Istanbul

A Turkish Airlines Business Lounge is a lounge at the airport for business travelers. They offer many amenities and conveniences to help make your trip more comfortable.

Many airlines have an executive pantry, which offers different types of foods from around the world as well as complimentary beverages like coffee or tea without having to pay any additional prices. The lounges also serve alcohol on occasion so that you can enjoy yourself before going through security screening. All business class lounges in Istanbul’s airports feature this type of facility by offering their own unique twist with beautiful décor inside each space specifically designed with comfort in mind while traveling abroad for work purposes.

  • Convenient and relaxing place to wait for your flight
  • Provides a full range of amenities such as workstations, showers, prayer rooms, etc.
  • Background music and TVs

10. The Loft by Brussels Airlines & Lexus, Belgium

The Loft is a luxury retreat within the Brussels Airlines headquarter. This space includes an exclusive Lexus showroom and wellness studio, in addition to The Lounge-a unique inflight lounge experience onboard all flights operated by BRL Airways.

When traveling on Brussels airlines, The Loft offers you access to exclusively designed spaces that support relaxation and comfort during their travels through air travel.

Passengers are invited into a world of luxurious surroundings where they can take time out from their day or enjoy some new experiences just for them, such as viewing the latest technology available at our boutique hotel partner’s site (Lexus).

  • Access to exclusive Lexus showroom and wellness studio
  • Top of the line inflight amenity lounge experience
  • Uniquely designed space with luxury amenities
  • Luxury travel experience on Brussels Airlines

Bottom Line – Business Class Lounges

Your airport experience is not complete without experiencing a few of these luxurious lounges. The lounges are probably the best part of airports, from an hour-long full-body massage to being driven in luxury cars and more. I hope this list will be helpful for you when deciding which one suits your needs best.

Now it’s your turn; what other business class lounges would you add to this list?


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