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We take it personally.

The waters beckon, so sail away to distant coasts, lapped in luxury, with the wind in your hair, adventure in your eyes and the experience of a lifetime.

All this and more with Boatsters Black. Especially if you are looking for bespoke sailing getaways on pristine waters in some of the most glorious locations in the world.

You will agree that when it comes to relaxation nothing compares to a stress-free time out on the waters. And when it’s aboard a luxurious yacht commandeered by a highly skilled and friendly crew it takes the whole experience up several notches. So, if your idea of summer is friends, sun, yacht, and sea, connect with the yachting experts.

Why Boatsters Black?

Boatsters Black is a yacht charter company that has completely re-defined the future of the yachting industry. A global network across 4 continents allows them to treat their clients to an array of nautical experiences.

With a fleet of luxurious yachts, a team of yachting experts, and unforgettable tailor-made experiences all you need to do is pack your bags, get aboard one of their deluxe yachts, kick back your heels, and prepare to set sail as the uber-efficient team at Boatsters takes care of all the little details.

Nautical Experiences of a different kind

If you’re wondering what makes the whole yachting experience with Boatsters very different it’s their love for curating memorable experiences on the open waters. Their highly experienced team takes pride in crafting tailor-made voyages and unequalled experiences for their clients.

Thanks to an expansive global network of high-end luxury partners, Boatsters manages to deliver bespoke experiences using an advanced and progressive digital approach while still imparting a personal touch.

No matter how unique your expectations are, Boatsters Black will make it happen on your next yacht charter. An example of a truly personalized experience is putting together a road trip with 8 supercars from Venice to Pula that culminated with boarding a yacht in Croatia. Now if that’s not customized, what is? So, go ahead and list down your wishes for a grand luxury experience on the seas and watch the Boatsters team make it happen.

For the love of Yachting

You’ll agree that a yacht no matter how grand is nothing without its crew. While they are most often overlooked, it is in fact the crew that makes each charter a memorable experience. At Boatsters Black, you get yachts that come with the most experienced captain, stews and gourmet chefs, and they are at your service 24/7 for the entirety of your voyage.

Boatsters Black also partners with other high-end companies like GlobeAir which allows their clients to expect seamless travel from airports to yachts, and maybe even enjoy a Ferrari ride in between.

The company believes that chartering a yacht is like coming home; albeit to a home you’ve never been before – a luxury home helmed by a fantastic team of professionals who aim to turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary adventure. For example, during a recent charter in the Balearics, a renowned haute couture client expressed a desire for a fashion show on their yacht that very same day. The fact that the Boasters team were able to put together a show that was a grand success and that too in a mere couple of hours is a testament to their dedication to ensuring all their clients’ needs are fulfilled. At Boatsters, no request is too big. In the words of Nick Gelevert Lengers, the company’s founder – “above and beyond is just the beginning.”

Yachts par excellence

With access to over 4,000 charter superyachts in their portfolio, you can be assured that Boatsters Black will pull out all the stops in helping you charter your dream yacht. Just share your preferences, and their highly efficient team will get to work to get you the yacht of your dreams.

What’s more, you can enhance your experience by having your yacht charter equipped with additional toys on request. The fun never has to stop when you plan your yachting adventure with Boatsters Black. So, yacht your cares away.

Set sail to the perfect getaway

It’s a big wide world out there and no matter how much you travel, there’s always someplace left to explore. So, how do you discover unfamiliar locations that may be off the beaten track?

With the help of professional travel experts, of course! Boatsters Black has the expertise and experience to guide your luxury yacht to the East Mediterranean, including Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. There you can enjoy the longest yachting season in Europe, whilst visiting thousands of islands that dot the region.

For a ritzier experience, you can head to the West Mediterranean and cruise France, Italy, and the Balearics. If you want to get out on the water in winter, charter a yacht in the Bahamas or Caribbean. These are some of the most popular cruising grounds, but you can absolutely break the mould by looking for more exciting voyages with Boatsters Black. Think Southeast Asia, Alaska, the Indian Ocean, and so many more interesting locations. Because a yachting charter planned through Boasters Black is a charter without limits.

Boatsters Black – Creating experiences are what they do best

Whether you are looking to charter a luxury yacht or are a yacht owner contemplating renting your luxury yacht to others, Boatsters Black is your one-stop-shop. With a young and dynamic team that comprises yachting experts, tech entrepreneurs, and marketing specialists, you can be assured of the best services possible.

Previous clients will attest to the company’s commitment to seven-star services coupled with their efficiency, pride in what they do and transparent and on-time communication. At Boatsters, the mantra of every member on the team is to go above and beyond every time.

The World is waiting

With Boatsters Black, every aspect of your trip will be managed and catered to with attention to every tiny detail. Enjoy your next yachting voyage without a single worry and indulge in personalized services that will definitely keep you coming back for more because a luxury charter yacht with Boatsters Black is where the magic begins. So, contact Boatsters Black now and prepare to set sail on the adventures of a lifetime.

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