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Travelling across Europe in a luxury train, while watching meadows, hills, castles and artsy towns roll by, as you sit tucked in charmingly comfortable train cabins is the experience that you will never forget. If you’re aiming for a blend of luxury and comfort while exploring Europe when not traveling by airplane or yacht, we have listed down best luxury trains in Europe so that you can pick one if you are looking something extraordinary and different while traveling this year.

Private and state-owned companies own luxury trains in Europe. They operate worldwide and provide brilliant experiences to those interested in rail travel and seeing new places in an exciting and low-carbon way.


Orient express is marketed as one of the world’s most luxurious rail journeys and obsessed with Thai planning. This is the closest you’re going to get to like that sort of luxury with 18 carriages from the 1920s and with its very own champagne bar.

The train is a historic hotel on wheels. The most popular route is from London to Venice. Across a nine-month season, the train travels through Europe’s most spectacular scenery, from alpine lakes to steep mountain passes.

On a train traveling at 100 miles per hour. The Venice Simp on orient express parks back in the 1920s and 30s. A golden age of rail travel when luxurious trains offered the height of sophistication to an exclusive passenger list. But by the 1960s, cheaper air travel had made these trains obsolete, and many of the old carriages have been consigned to the scrapyard.

However, in 1982 after an 11-million-pound restoration project, a recreation of the famous trains of the 1920s was born. Built from 18 historic carriages, including some from the original orient express service. Today the London to Venice route is part of a multi-million-pound business that has attracted some of history’s most iconic figures.

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Al Andalus

The Al Andalus luxury Train is the longest that runs on the rail tracks in Spain. It is 450 meters in lenght because of its 14 wagons, which lodge a total of 74 people. It is divided into 2 dining cars, a bar car, a kitchen car, seven sleeping cars, a games room car, a car generator and a crew car.

The Al-Andalus train has all the ingredients to be one of the most luxurious and important trains globally. After a comprehensive remodeling of design, comfort, and interior design, this marvelous train is considered to be the most spacious and luxurious in the world.

Al Andalus covers the most appealing tourist regions in Andalusia, Sevilla, Cordova, Ruby, de Granada, Ronda, hadith, Gareth, San Luca, Deborah Mara, and Don Jana national park. These are a few of the primary visits included on the trip to the palace on wheels. Going back in time, you will witness glam or elegance distinction and peace. You will discover new landscapes, cultures, art, gastronomy, and traditions.  It was restored in 2011 by favor. And its original essence has been maintained while adding the comfort of the most modern trains. It is an authentic luxurious hotel on wheels.

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Golden Eagle Danube Express, Eastern Europe

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains are taking over the operation of the Danube Express for 2015 and beyond. If you want a Europe tour, you should book a room in Golden Eagle Danube Express. If you want to travel to the continent’s famous cities, then it’s the best Train for you. You can travel by Train to famous cities such as Venice, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest and Vienna. You can also travel to small towns on this Train like gems, Sopot, Gdańsk, Zakopane and Malbork in Poland; Keszthely and Lake Balaton in Hungary and Zittau in Germany. Have a one in a lifetime experience by booking this train. Contact us to get the information and book a tour.

The Golden Eagle Danube Express is a comfortable hotel-on-wheels for you. Unpack and settle into your comfortable and well-appointed cabin as you start this journey of a lifetime. The cabin attendant will be on hand to take care all of your needs. This year, Golden Eagle Danube Express gives you a bonus of a group of superior deluxe cabins. From this bonus, you can travel all over the world with a personal butler in your style. You can make your journey a memorable one by booking this luxury train. Get in touch with us to get details about packages, price and routes.

Belmond Royal

The Belmond Royal is a Scottish overnight luxury train and it started in 1985. In 2007 the train was christened Royal Scotsman and has continued to raise the bar of style and innovation since. The recent addition of the Bamford Haybarn Spa carriage marks a world first in the pursuit of perfect pampering

Many of the world’s most exclusive trains offer discerning travelers a revival of the Romantic Age of railway travel. Belmond Royal is one of the very few world-class trains represent the very apophysis of a rail-borne luxury combining the splendor of Edwardian style with modern-day comforts. This is no ordinary train ride, more a stylist in sedate adventure aboard an elegant Haven through a magnificent and remote landscape shaped by an eternity of evolution. Taking in on the way some of Scotland’s finest sights along with indigenous Highland wildlife and some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Aboard of all Scotsman, you can experience an unrivaled encounter with centuries of tradition and heritage and sea Scotland at its very finest.


There are many luxury trains in Europe. But there is five most luxurious train in Europe. These trains are the most beautiful and luxurious trains that could make your journey beautiful and pleasant. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon or any other world tour by train, you can book a luxury train in Europe. Oriental Express is one of the world’s most beautiful trains. You can make money and travel by train. This train is a luxurious, beautiful, and expensive train. And remaining four trains are also beautiful and luxurious. You can travel and can make your journey memorable.

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