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An Exclusive & Personalized Travel Experience Awaits You

Welcome to your one-stop spot for all of the information and organization you could possibly need to build your next luxury travel experience. Here at Par Excellence, we are passionate about providing people with high-end travel experiences. Our passion is what drives us to maintain a professionally curated log of everything related to high-end and corporate travel. When you explore our site, you will discover;
  • Exclusive travel deals for members
  • High-end luxury superyachts for charter
  • The best yacht and jet charter companies for hire
  • Professional event organizers, sommeliers, and venues for rent
  • Individual & group travel planning
  • Luxury villa rentals
  • The most luxurious and private cruise travel options
  • Authentic offline art auctions
  • Insight on special & secret travel locations
  • VIP secret sales
  • Special investment opportunities from our corporate members
  • And many more enriching opportunities.

Built On Powerful Partnerships

All of the experiences, benefits, and information we provide are a result of our reputable partnerships. The best travel experiences are always born from powerful partnerships, which is why Par Excellence places emphasis on choosing to collaborate with experienced service providers who match our standard of excellence.

The partnerships we have created allow us to offer our high profile and VIP clients luxury experiences at amazing prices. The special discounts we offer can’t be found online because they are the result of Par Excellence’s high standards combined with our deal negotiating expertise. With our lowest price guarantee on high standard services, you can rest assured that you will never have to sacrifice quality for cost with Par Excellence.

A Seamless Travel Experience

Travel requires a great deal of planning and organization. It can be hard to enjoy a trip when you are tangled up in various phone calls and research as you choreograph each part of your journey. To avoid this hassle and create the luxury travel experience you deserve, the professionals at Par Excellence have created an all-in-one site. Here, your trip planning and product purchasing will feel seamless and stress-free as our resources guide you in creating your ideal adventure.

Endless Benefits Designed With You In Mind

Hidden sales and exclusive off-market investment opportunities await you in our newsletter. No cluttered and pointless daily emails here. Instead, when you sign up for our newsletter, we will only contact you if we have a special deal to offer. Every time our name pops up in your inbox, you can be sure that it is about something good!

Par Excellence Partnerships – How You Can Join

Do you have a company or provide services that you believe to be a compelling match for the Par Excellence experience? We are always open to working with fellow travel enthusiasts who provide services that improve the luxury travel industry. Feel free to reach out to us by phone, email, or you can just sign up to be a part of the Par Excellence community! Let’s travel better together.

European Luxury Travel And Living Magazine

This magazine is expertly designed to target an audience of extremely wealthy individuals across the globe who are constantly looking for ways to further improve their life through reliable services that meet the highest standards of luxury.
Par Excellence is both a physical and digital publication in English. This professionally curated magazine is dedicated to highlighting life-enhancing services for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals. Our audience is not composed of dreamers. Instead, we target an audience of doers who actively interact with their passions concerning luxury living services.

Jet charters, mega yachts, private yacht charters, personal security staff, chauffeurs, housing staff, luxury vehicles, event organization, exclusive travel opportunities, personal assistants, and plenty more luxurious life-enhancing opportunities can be found within the pages of this magazine. It is our goal to bring our readers the exclusive adventures and experiences they crave while providing our trusted partners with an audience-enhancing platform that professionally displays their business’ luxury qualities. Together, we can define high-end and luxury lifestyles with the highest standards possible.

The Power Of Partnerships

We look forward to growing our network of partnerships as we work to create a world-renowned collaboration of reliable luxury services.
Par Excellence was born from a passion for luxury living and travel, a passion that has grown into a dedication to providing the best source for high-end services imaginable.

The companies who join our partnership programs represent the pinnacle of luxury living across the globe. This verification of high-quality services and brand compatibility offers consistency and excellence to both our readers and participating partners.
Innovation and a desire to influence the future of luxury drive us, and we would love nothing more than to share this mission with partners who share our motivation and passion.

The Par Excellence team would like to invite you to join us in our mission to provide the highest quality of luxury living services.

A Passionate Process

Partnerships with Par Excellence don’t stop at sales. They reach beyond financial growth by initiating professional connections, improving brand recognition, and building a strong reputation as a reliable luxury company.

Those who partner with our magazine receive the benefit of knowing that their payments contribute to their companies’ growth, as all financial factors are reinvested into Par Excellence to improve client reach and broaden connections. Our established base of readers directly translates to future clients, so you can be sure that every effort you make through us has an impact. A partnership is more than a purchase, it is an investment that promises unwavering growth.

Strong and well-designed partnerships hold power that reaches far beyond financial influence. At Par Excellence, we believe much of luxury living is about who you know, which is why we emphasize quality assessments in each of our partnerships. These assessments ensure that each partner we work with joins the ranks of companies that enhance each other’s reputation and quality. In our magazine you can expect to have your company displayed amongst the same quality partners, just in the form of luxury magazines and media.

Magazines are meant to contain easily digestible content directed to the specific needs of a target audience, which is exactly why Par Excellence holds limited spaces for advertisements by partners. Our partners receive so much visibility because they each receive a designated space to display their services to the fullest. Each form of advertisement our partners engage in is also designed for maximum reader interactions since the magazine issues are intended for 6-month distributions before a new issue is released and many of the media advertisements are available for display on recurring schedules. Other media platforms post stories from paying companies once and then leave that material to be forgotten and unseen. Our repeated posting approach and audience analysis helps you get more views and more interactions consistently.

A Dedicated Purpose

Par Excellence magazine and media is intended as a source for experiences and activities dedicated to the unique needs of luxury living.
Our focus on exclusive opportunities gives wealthy clientele an opportunity to engage with services that they can be confident in, as every partner is assessed for quality before their services are advertised in our media. With high standards, an expertly constructed brand, and years of experience in the field of luxury services, Par Excellence exists to display the pinnacle of luxury living.

A majority of our work consists of informational documents that focus on the quality and services of our partners. Exclusive views into the quality and applications of each service allow our audience of wealthy individuals to clearly picture how their life can be improved in regards to business, safety, travel, and ease of living.