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A New Design in the World by Covet Group

Revolutionary Craftsmanship and Designers Dreamland Hub

Covet Design Group is a revolutionary and creative company, with a powerful vision of the Future, and an extreme capacity to launch Successful Businesses that Elevates a new Design in the world.

Our article honors the remarkable craftsmanship that is present in each meticulously handmade piece. It honors the craftspeople who are responsible for these moving works of art with a profound sense of appreciation, recognizing their priceless contributions to the field of design. This is a heartfelt tribute to the artisans who devote themselves wholeheartedly to the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship. It is a testament to their passion, skill, and unwavering dedication to creating beauty that transcends the bounds of time.

Covet Design Group highlights these artists’ knowledge, storytelling skills, and commitment throughout the story. They demonstrate their steadfast dedication to their work by their mastery of antiquated processes and their ability to turn raw materials into timeless crafts.

It is recognized as an organization of proven experience in Design. A creative company of thinkers and makers with a revolutionary attitude.

A Team of Excellence that fights every day to conquer the world through Design, a non-settle feeling that keep us with eyes always set on the future

The teams elevate design and craftsmanship by creating, developing and promoting powerful brands, services and products, driven by our passion for design and craftsmanship. 

An article is not enough to showcase the massive human effort on innovative craftsmanship. What intrigued us is the project in progress named “Covet Town”.  An innovative design-city with 80,000 m2 is born in Oporto city, Portugal. With a planned investment of 50 million, the place is planned to welcome about 2500 people and promise to be a creative centre for design lovers.

innovative design-city with 80,000 m2 is born in Oporto city, Portugal

The new project will combine different creative working spaces, from design studios, marketing strategy players, media and editorial teams, to the production facilities and the artisans who shape the product itself. Brands like Boca do Lobo, DelightFull, Brabbu, Luxxu are moving their headquarters, services and factories to the new Covet Town.

It is worthy to view the New Design City: 

A tribute to Culture, the place where artisans, plastic artists and designers meet up and keep alive the spirit of experimentation, by challenging the traditional concepts of the finest Craftsmanship, and bringing to life unexpected and remarkable creations with a forward-thinking aesthetic. The Covet Group is committed to identify, curate and promote the excellence of Craftsmanship through a dynamic approach that carries competitive advantage and a valuable environment across artistic industries.

a collective driven to enhance the rich legacy of Arts & Crafts and to design a new contemporary narrative

Creative Ateliers shape the center of excellence that brings together artisans, artists, and designers for an unexpected link between Arts & Crafts and Design. We aim to stimulate a lively exchange of multidisciplinary skills and creative concepts whilst allowing time for reflection and creation in inspiring working-galleries.

Curated Collections to all art enthusiasts, promotion of work offer a career-defining opening, or certainly enriches the artists’ signature. The chance to stand out with a pioneering handcrafted creation integrated into a curated Collection can put artist in the spotlight of first-rate design. Healthy competition always improves innovation. This is the welcoming message to artisans of the work to join.


With strong presence in International Exhibitions, the Covet Group welcomes artists to be part of the annual Arts & Crafts and Design industries networking program. The opportunity to present and promote curated pieces to an audience of key industry influencers, alongside meetings with leading entities, with the aim of brokering new connections and strengthen ties for professional development.

Very generous and welcoming messages along their aesthetically luscious and inspiring pages:

Are you a professional, a true art and design enthusiast or simply a curious?
Did you ever wonder what are the best interior, furniture or product designers and the best architects in the world? Today, we will help you discover some of these talented minds and hands which are behind the masterpieces we admire in contemporary design.

The participation in artist-in-residence program promotes an immersive introduction and open atmosphere that encourage limitless creativity. A great possibility to stay and work in Porto-Portugal temporarily, and to be exposed to an artistic community that lives on the constant evolution.

Covet Group reveals its steadfast commitment to fostering a vibrant culture where artisans, plastic artists, and designers converge. Here, the spirit of experimentation is celebrated, as traditional concepts of craftsmanship are challenged, giving rise to unexpected and remarkable creations imbued with a forward-thinking aesthetic.

We trust the Superyachting industry will soon witness Covet Group’s dedication to identifying, curating, and promoting excellence in craftsmanship through a dynamic approach that not only cultivates a competitive advantage but also nurtures a valuable environment across various artistic industries. Who wouldn’t enjoy to see the Covet Design crafts on board Superyachts?

As a collective, Covet Group and its collaborators are driven by a shared vision to enrich the legacy of arts and crafts while crafting a new contemporary narrative that resonates with today’s audiences. Through collaboration and innovation, they endeavor to elevate the artistry of their creations and shape the future of design.

Written by: Maria Bakalakou

It is worth to visit the Covet Group pages and realize the strength, passion and uniqueness of the brand and the advanced international and multicultural teams.

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